2 Timothy 3:15

A wife abandons her family and moves hundreds of miles away to “minister.” Why? – “God” told her to. Another wife is going to divorce her husband, why? “God” told her to. A church gets rid of its pastor, why? “God” told them to. In each case there is no Biblical reason, yet the fact they sincerely believe” God told” them validates their decision making, and when challenged, they ask “Who are you to say God did not?” How can we know or can we?

This timely message focus’s on How God desires for His people to Build their lives on the Absolute Authority of His Revealed will- His Word. We live in a day where what people say, “God said” takes precedence over what God has actually “said” and revealed in His inerrant Word.

This message looks at the Authority, the Ability and the Attack on Gods Word, when it comes to guidance and been kept from the mysticism of our day. What is your Authority when it comes to decision making?

Consider the Ability of Gods Word and learn some of the Attacks on its Sufficiency, Authority and Ability today.