There are over 50 positive commands what we are to be one another… and one is to…“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” -{Gal 6:2}. It is a command, and to be continuous and when we are controlled by the SPIRIT His love through us will be aiding others who are burdened down, not that they may be indebted to us, but grateful to Him and liberated by His Love. It should lead and leave them with the love of Christ, and you are His vehicle in the healing and helping of another soul! “Bear” and keep bearing one another’s burdens because that is what love does and we are family!

  1. – “BEAR” – The word “BEAR”… comes from a word meaning, “to support, to hold up. Here it means to get up under a heavy load that your brother has and help him bear up under that load. Help support him. Matter of fact, the apostle John uses this particular word to describe Jesus bearing up under His cross in John 19:17. It says, “They took Jesus therefore and He went out bearing His own cross to the place called the place of the skull, which is called in Hebrew Golgotha.” So the idea of bearing up under something that’s heavy.” – “BURDEN ” -also used in Gal 6:5. The word “burden” means the felt weight of a heavy load on someone. It speaks of the “HEAVINESS” that’s on top of you, when you are trying to support the WEIGHT of something. LOVE CHOOSES TO IDENTIFY THE BURDEN OF ANOTHER and with the capacity to help chooses to do so!

    Walking in the Spirit teaches us to see life and the burdens of others and rather than walking away from them walk towards them not with condemnation but with humility of mind adopting their burden as your own and doing what you can to lift the load by getting under it. Owning it as your own. Love is practical. Love lifts burdens!

  2. – “AND SO FULFILL THE LOVE OF CHRIST…” What does that mean? Read Gal 5:14 and he tells us, … “For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” The Law is fulfilled when one person recognizing the burdens another is under acts upon it and compassionately, tenderly, HELPS LIFT THE BURDEN of the brother or sister burdened down under the heaviness of a weight!
  3.  – LOVE IS A BURDEN LIFTER!… GO LOVE SOMEONE TODAY WHO IS BURDENED DOWN! To ignore, withdraw from someone who is burdened down when it is in your power or mine to come alongside compassionately and LIFT the burden, is a LACK OF…LOVE… And Paul reminds us without love we are nothing… we are like a clanging cymbal, which is what the heathen did when seeking to get the attention of their “god”, without love we are like a heathen, a lost person, is the conclusion. Love is paramount, another’s BURDEN is your opportunity to LOVE. Do you look at life that way? Love does!.

Learning and Re-Learning to Love is as simple as seeing a person burdened down and YOU have the capability to lift the load and you choose to obey HIS COMMAND and in doing so you are TESTIFYING….”By this ALL Men will KNOW YOU are MY Disciples by YOUR Love for one another” -{John 13:34-35}.