Look also at the SECURITY in this verse! “We are…” This is a settled issue from God’s perspective and He desires for us to “KNOW” – “recognize the fact as a certainty,” that He is our Shepherd and He is responsible for us. He has marked us out for Himself. We are compared to “sheep” which are helpless and easily scared and in need of a Shepherd, BUT NOT JUST ANY “SHEPHERD,” BUT ONE WHO IS Caring, kind, and capable and who has our best interests at heart who is trustworthy, and there is NONE  as good as “THE LORD…GOD.” V 5 tells us “… the LORD is GOOD and His LOVE endures forever!” The Psalmist gives us  THE ASSURANCE, “we ARE…HIS sheep.” We belong to Him who is good and loving, His love is everlasting! {Jer 31:3}. This is further reason to  OBEY the Command, “SERVE” Him with gladness and sing His praises, that He has redeemed us for Himself and made us His forever, and loves us! He has taken personal responsibility for us as our Shepherd, and in Him we can rest in the security, “The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want.” {Ps 23:1}

 “THE SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE”  — Or, as the Hebrew may be rendered, the flock of  His feeding, whom He takes care of and provides for.” He that made us, maintains us, and gives us all things richly to enjoy. For the Lord is good — Infinite in goodness, and therefore doeth good. His mercy is everlasting — Is a fountain that can never be drawn dry. His truth endureth to all generations — And no word of His shall fall to the ground as antiquated or revoked: His promises are sure to all the faithful, from age to age.”- {Benson}

 “KNOW”–  The word means “to make the distinction,” that the LORD GOD rules, reigns. “Know” Who He is. “Know” what He is like. “Serve” Him with your submission, with gladness and song, celebrating Him as Creator and that He is responsible for you as your Shepherd. Rest Assuredly in your Good  Shepherd who is the LORD GOD. He is “Good.” – ‘His Love is everlasting”-“His Faithfulness to all generations.” You are His… Rest in Him.{Read Psalm 100: 2-6}

THINK on this. You are HIS. He knows your tendency to be easily scared, fearful at times and He wants you to realize He’s got you! He is Big enough, strong enough, wise enough to guide you as your Good, Loving, Faithful- Shepherd.