“Love keeps no records of wrongs,” {1 Cor 13:9}. It does not say “wrongs” against you are not committed but the words, “keep, …records…,” is an accounting term, to “store up,” as in writing in a ledger as an accountant does to keep record permanently of something. Love does not keep a ledger, a book, or permanently to be able to look at and recall, to hold someone’s sin against them.

Love makes a choice to forgive. To recognize the sin, and to choose to release, pardon that person, never to gossip, or hold against them or use to manipulate, degrade or humiliate them over. Love does not keep ledgers! It does not have a little black book, where all the wrongs are written down, preserved so as to be able to remember and recall any we may have forgotten! Keeping such records is evil, and devoid of love. It is to be a corrupt accountant! If God has chosen to forgive us and He has, and He commands us to forgive and gives us the capacity to forgive, and He has, why do we keep records and behave as a pagan?-{ 1 Cor 13:5}.

Love does not behave as a corrupt accountant, for that is what we are when we fail to extend forgiveness, instead choosing to keep accounts of the wrongs of others to use against them! Love is ledger free!

Forgiveness is a promise. Forgiveness is to be extended, because God commands us to. Forgiveness is an attitude to be adopted and an action maintained, where as it says,”I recognize you have wronged me, sinned against me. I choose to release, pardon you from that offense, never to gossip, or bring it up to hurt you, or manipulate you with. I choose to forgive because my LORD says,”…forgive just as God in Christ has forgiven you.”-{Eph 4:32}. The forgiven are to love greatly. As Jesus said of the woman “she LOVED MUCH because she was FORGIVEN MUCH.”

Maintaining “a corrupt account” to use against others is loveless, and is a manifestation of bitterness, un-forgivness and needs to be repented of immediately!

Start a new account, an account of extending love, motivated by,”….forgive just as God in Christ has forgiven you.”

What type of accountant will you be? Bitter, unforgiving, or one who chooses to love and forgive motivated by the great love of forgiveness, God extends to you!