September 16 2020

Another early start, pain woke me at 3am so I knew I would not go back to sleep so started my 4 plus hours of IV… and Meditating on Psalm 1:2 and the first part in particular…-“but his DELIGHT is in the law of the LORD.” The word “DELIGHT,” means to “take pleasure, find enjoyment, to experience emotional delight and speaks of a high degree of satisfaction…is an attitude that leads to an action” How beautiful! And the action?  “…and in it {The Word}… he Meditates day and night..”…To Meditate is to think on it over and over recalling it to memory, pondering on it, and talking to your self about it again and again, asking questions, what does each word mean, what was the context that it was written, what are the verses around it that gives you an idea of what was happening and why it was said, and how does it apply to you etc…Sometimes I try and think on a verse before I sleep and when I awake during the night, I try recall it and THINK on it and repeat it over and over so I can keep my mind on things above rather than allowing my thoughts to be led captive and at times into a dark place, an anxious or a fearful place…” Thankful for His Word…

And may His Word Delight your heart today and if not? Ask Him to cause it to. Pick a verse and think on it over and over, talk to yourself about it, talk to the LORD about it, and as you meditate upon it, the Holy Spirit will begin to shape your thinking which will affect your decision making and actions. Note the words “day and night” in the verse. His meditating was not sporadic but constant. Some can have time in the morning that they set aside to pray and read and then leave into their day and forgot what they read, and spend a life time doing this, where it is nearly, not always but it can become a habit of something to do, rather than someone to know! Take a verse, take a week, two weeks as long as you want and hide it in your heart to memorize, meditate upon, and help shape your thinking and choice to honor Him!

You may think I’ll never remember it in a week never mind a year, but this is where the Resident Author, the Holy Spirit who lives within can and does recall to your mind when you need it! That’s good news, that’s God news! The Psalmist teaches us of the characteristics and habits of the “Blessed,” man, and in verse 2 we see that he delighted in the Word of the LORD and Meditated upon it and this was a constant habit in his life, “night and day!” That was by choice and as he meditated he found delight, enjoyment, satisfaction in the Law of the LORD. Why? Because of Whose word it is. The LORD’S!  We meet Him in His Word…Jesus said, “Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures…He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures “-{Luke 24:27,45}. Meet Him in His Word:),

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” -{Romans 12:2}

May your mind be filled with delight, pleasure enjoyment, satisfaction from His Word today. And during the night if you awake… Don’t count sheep, Talk to and Think on the Shepherd!

Maybe you could start to Memorize and Meditate on this

“But his Delight is in the Law of the LORD and in it he meditates day and night“-{Psalm 1:2}

Keep thinking and talking the Truth to yourself-Good job! -🙂