“Blessed”-( Psalm 1:1-3) -“oh the happiness’s” is how it can be translated. It is plural ..

The Word “Blessed” (Esher) related to the verb ‘ashar = to go or be straight, to go on, to advance, to be right) – it speaks of the person who is right with God and whom He bestows His favor upon . It speaks of the state of “happiness, contentment…” Is the one who is in the right and straight with God. It conveys the idea of deep contentedness , that circumstances cannot alter. Oh the multiple happiness’s, the bundles of it, the mountains of delight…satisfied, is this one!

 “Blessed! “

Note what characterizes them…they have…

1.-DISCERNMENT ;-(v1) this person is firstly known for what they do not do – DO NOT walk in the counsel of the ungodly, NOR STAND in the path of sinners NOR SIT with scoffers “(v1) note the downward progression from walking to standing eventually sitting in the company of people who are ungodly advisers, those who are not right with God, who mock God, and the things of God and others …it has to do with relationships and companionship. The process reveals a growth in evil. The truly blessed, spiritually prosperous and happy person have DISCERNMENT and they make choices…they are known by what they do not do. This does not mean they do not seek to love the lost, nor share but it does mean they do not embrace or be influenced by their world view which excludes God in telling you how to live life! They have discernment that avoids leading to sin! They have Discernment! They do not behave, believe because they do not belong to this group of people who are ungodly, sinners, mockers, who are opposed to the LORD, who have their own ungodly counsel, ways they live, and they mock God, the things of God! Not so the “blessed,” one! They have discernment that avoids leading to sin! They have Discernment!


2.- DELIGHTS;-(v2)
“BUT…” In the Hebrew it is a strong contrast, “on the contrary,” he is about to show… And here is what they DO…( v 2)

Namely …
“Delights” in the Word of God. “Delight” refers to taking great enjoyment, pleasure,  satisfaction in something and the Psalmist finds it in…the Word of God! It captures his affection, consumes, satisfies, and as a result he, …”Meditates on the Word of God day and night…” Constantly turning their thinking over to meditate about God and the things of God…when you have free moment’s the mind like the needle of a compass returns to due north so the one who delights in God and His Word returns their attention and focus there! Not a “have to” but a “delight” to! The more you are in the Word the more you want to. The less you are in it the less you want to. Peter compared it to babies whose natural inclination is to crave milk so the spiritual new babe desires the milk of the Word that they might “grow,’ spiritually and also to sustain, satisfy them and taste and see that the LORD Is Good! -(Read 1 Peter 2:2-3.) For it leads them to knowledge of Him, His character, Will, ways, promises and the Person. “DELIGHTS” in Him who causes their soul to delight and as a result Meditates over and over again on HIS Word, pondering the excellencies of the LORD, His ways, promises, wisdom, thinking on them and talking to our self over and over about them. “Day And Night,” There is a constancy, a continual returning to them and picking up again with our thoughts the truth of His Word which reveals Him to us and the Holy Spirit within us to recall and teach us!  “Meditate…” …The word יהגהjehgeh, implies that he exercises a deep, serious, and affectionate thoughtfulness about it; and by this it appears that his delight is in it, for what we love, we love to think of. Day and night — Not seldom and slightly, but diligently and constantly.”-{Benson}. 
For it reveals HIM… “…He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.“-{Luke 24:27}…And as result something happens, namely,…


3.-DEVELOPING:-( v3)
” Prospers” he is not speaking of “health and wealth prosperity,” but of his soul spiritually prospering and in the purposes of God. It is possible to be poor in this world’s possession’s but RICH IN GOD!

The blessed, spiritually prosperous is, a truly happy person, follows God’s recipe which is found in Psalm 1:1-3, like a tree “firmly planted” whose roots go deep, which speaks of stability and watered constantly speaks of continual supply of what is needed to help it grow and it will prosper…For it has all it needs to do so. But think of the benefit the tree is to animals who can nest in its branches, cattle and people that can sit under its shade… and like the tree this ‘blessed’ one’s life is a benefit to… others!

So too, you have all you need to grow and spiritually prosper in your faith in The Lord. And not only Spiritual Stability, but also Spiritually Fruitful and Spiritually Prosperous! How wonderful! But if the conditions of verse 1-2 are not met then verse 3 will not be a reality, and God’s contentment and happiness will evade you! And unfortunately like the multitudes who seek happiness and contentment elsewhere and though it be  experienced it is but fleeting for it lacks…GOD, who alone can stabilize, satisfy and prosper the soul! “For my people have done two evil things: They have abandoned me— the fountain of living water. And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all!”-{Jeremiah 2:13}. To abandon and turn from Him is like turning from fresh, refreshing, healthy water needed for the welfare of the body to that which is vain! To follow the LORD and trust His ways is not in vain!


We bear fruit when we have the right spiritual roots


The ” Blessed” truly Happy Person is characterized by
2.- DELIGHTS in His Word- v2
3.- DEVELOPING spiritually -v3


Be Blessed !