Last days,”Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season;  reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great  patience and instruction.” – {2 Timothy 4:2}

My last Sunday while overseas speaking I had been invited to speak at an evening service at a church. After I had spoken the pastor later shared that there was a man in the congregation that evening who had traveled a long way and heard about this particular congregation who had a reputation for teaching the Word of God. Apparently he had been looking and looking for a church who believed in the Word of God and who would Preach the Word of God. That evening on someone’s recommendation he came along to hear if such would be a church where they preached Gods Word. Little did he know there would be a visiting preacher- me!

My text that evening from which I shared was 2 Timothy 4:2 “…Preach THE WORD…” The pastor later shared with me how this dear had not only wanted someone to “Preach The Word” but heard a message on “Why Preach the Word!” How sweet of the Lord to encourage this dear soul whose longing was to hear God’s Word-and encourage me also as having sent me thousands of miles away to “preach the Word!”- God is good, isn’t He!

Paul too knew this was to be paramount and in his last letter, knowing he soon would die, instructs the young pastor Timothy in the midst of difficult and turbulent times to “Preach The Word.”  The word “Preach,” means    It is in the aorist imperative which means Do this now and speaks of the urgency of the matter!

” Alan Carr writes that to preach meant “To herald” which “refers to a king’s messenger to the people. He was to sound out the king’s word with a voice that was loud and clear. The message was to be heard and heeded. The messenger was to be respected and unhindered. He was not an ambassador with whom one might negotiate. He was a messenger that must be heard!”-{Alan Carr}.  ‘Wuest adds that {Preach,}kerusso “at once…called to (Timothy’s) mind the Imperial Herald, spokesman of the Emperor, proclaiming in a formal, grave, and authoritative manner which must be listened to, the message which the Emperor gave him to announce. It brought before him the picture of the town official who would make a proclamation in a public gathering. The word is in a construction (Ed note: Aorist imperative) which makes it a summary command to be obeyed at once. It is a sharp command as in military language. This should be the pattern for the preacher today. His preaching should be characterized by that dignity which comes from the consciousness of the fact that he is an official herald of the King of kings. It should be accompanied by that note of authority which will command the respect, careful attention, and proper reaction of the listeners. There is no place for clowning in the pulpit of Jesus Christ.”  It is not to say that only an “ordained” person should preach it!

The first part of Second Timothy Paul tells Timothy to “Be Strong.” The latter part of the letter he tells him to “Preach the Word.”


Together lets consider 8 Reasons Paul gives Timothy “WHY PREACH THE WORD.


The word “DIFFICULT” is used twice in the New Testament. Here and in Matthew 8:28. It can be translated “VIOLENT” times. As you Read 2 Tim 3:1-3 you will see it lists 18 marks of the Violent times.


Deceived teachers peddling their deceptive teaching demand we preach the Word. For they substitute it with that which can never meet the needs of peoples hearts. Displacing Gods Word with a substitute Demands we “Preach the Word”


You would think surely if Gods Word-The Word of the Living God, is being taught that will be sufficient for people. But “no,” there are those who turn away from the truth and embrace a substitute. They want their ears tickled, more interested in the spectacular rather than sound, wholesome, spiritual nourishment of the Incorruptible Word of the Living God-which alone can meet the needs of their lives. But they prefer to turn away from sound Biblical teaching. What then is a Preacher to do? Perhaps change his teaching and choose a few verses that will not make anyone feel uncomfortable and deliberately stay away from those passages that do? Maybe he should just “lighten up a bit?” No, he is to “PREACH THE WORD. Be prepared in season and out of season. Whether it is fashionable or not. Whether they seem to be listening or not. Whether it is popular, pleasing to them or not. The charge is the same. The standard is not set by peoples desire and supposed heartfelt needs. But God Almighty has Commanded- “Preach the Word!”


From a young child Timothy had been exposed to the Scriptures which are able to give the Knowledge of how to be saved.

Several years ago, while on another overseas trip, my then 7 year old boy asked me one night as we drove back to where we were staying after I had been teaching Gods Word asked,” Daddy How do you know if you are Saved?” I told him of all the questions he could ask that was the MOST IMPORTANT. The Bible gives us the Wisdom and shows us the Way so we may know how to be saved and be right with a Holy Sinless God. Therefore we must “Preach the Word!”


To “edify” mans to “build up” and this is what Christians are to do, help build up one another in our faith. We often try gimmicks, pot luck suppers, socialization, and various kinds of things as a substitute to “building up” the people of God in their faith. Pastor-Teachers are to teach Gods Word- Ephesians 4:12 to “Equip the saints…to build them up. It is through the Word of God followers of the Lord Jesus are to be “Built Up”- Acts 20:32…Grow up- 1 Peter 2:2;…Gain Discernment- Hebrews 5:13-14…To Know the Lord Jesus- Luke 24:27…The Power to build into lives and change lives and Build up theses dear ones is to Peach the Word!


Paul’s life was dramatically and supernaturally changed. From Saul of Tarsus who set out to destroy the followers of the Lord Jesus to becoming Paul the Passionate who said “For me to live is Christ and to die is Gain”-Phil 1:21. What happened? He had a heart change. Paul’s life was changed and he appeals to Timothy to follow him. There is nothing which so speaks than a changed Godly life.


In this passage we see the Biblical Pattern for discipleship at its best. Here we see 4 Generations revealed. Paul passes on the Truth o Gods Word to Timothy. Timothy is to Deposit it into Faithful men. They in turn are to deposit it and pass on to other faithful men. It is like a relay race….Paul begins the race and passes the baton off to Timothy, who in turn passes it n to other faithful men and they in turn take it and “run with it” and deposit into other faithful men. And Praise God for those “faithful men” who have faithfully preached and passed on the WORD OF GOD. Think how God has found and used faithful men through the ages to pass on HIs Word and how and who He used to bring it to you one day! Now you are charged to embrace it, let it change you and equip you-2 Timothy 3:16-17…and Pass it on to other faithful ones- 2 Tim 2:2


God will hold Timothy accountable to Preach the Word…because God COMMANDED him. This is Gods Way. To turn and try and build the foundation of one’s life or preach anything else is “Foolish”-Matt 7:23-27 shows us. The “Wise” person in this passage, God says, is the one upon hearing the Word of God, Acts upon it and builds his life on the Word of God. How can people Build unless we obey God and “PREACH THE WORD?”

You and I are called to Give and account to those who ask us concerning our Hope- 1 Pet 3:16. How can we practically do this?

  1. – We are to PREPARE ourselves in the Word– Ezra 7:10;Psalm 1:2
    2. – We are to PRACTICE Gods Word ourselves– James 1:22;John 14:21
    3. – We are to PRESENT the Word– Phil 2:16
    4. – We are to Trust God to PERSUADE the hearts of people…

The answer to the human heart is not Political, psychological nor educational, nor monetarily. It is GOD! Therefore let us “Preach HIS Word”- Deut 6:4-6- to our children, to Believers and unbelievers alike. “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you Richly- Col 3:16 and Preach the Word…It is Gods Way to accomplish His Will … dear friends let us exult and rejoice in the privilege we have-and especially us preachers and may we all be faithful…Faithful to Diligently study His Word- 1 Tim 2:15.

“Faithful to Preach The Word” in season and out to “PREACH THE WORD!”… Keep on Keeping on Preaching, Teaching and Lovingly and Loyally DECLARING THE WORD OF GOD…God COMMANDS us to…”PREACH THE WORD…”

A word to fellow preachers and teachers…don’t be intimidated into not preaching His Word…continue to be faithful. “PREACH…THE…WORD.”