TRAIN your Mind to THINK on the TRUTH about Jesus…TALK to Him… TRUST HIM and you will find REST IN ….HIM {See Matthew 11:28-30, John 15:10}.

  • His Word frees you up {John 8:38}
  • His Word Builds you up {Acts 20:32}
  • His Word imparts Discernment {Hebrews 5:13-14}
  • His Word Grows you up {1 Peter 2;2}
  • His Word Encourages { Romans 15:4}
  • His Word produces Hope {Romans 15:13}
  • His Word Comforts { Psalm 119:50}
  • His Word reveals JESUS CHRIST {Luke 24:27}

The attack is on your faith from without but also from within where, untrue, anxious, doubting, disheartening “feelings” and the tyranny of the urgent and even other people seek to distract you, and evil thoughts seek to master you and keep you from his Word which is able to continually FREE you up, BUILD your faith up, impart DISCERNMENT to make you wise, GROW you up in your faith, ENCOURAGE you, impart HOPE to confidently trust in the LORD, and  COMFORT you in times of affliction and most of all reveal Jesus Christ to you through his Word. Here, are but a few of the “benefits” afforded you in the Scripture. If you read psalm 119 which is in the middle of the Bible and the longest chapter is all about the Word of God and its many, many blessings. Someday sit down and write down what they are and glorify God by THANKING HIM, for all you have because of His Son’s Work on your behalf in satisfying God to enable you to be grafted into His family

Many years ago there is a story told of a village that was infested by rats. The people tried everything they knew to rid themselves of the rats, all to no avail. Someone suggested they place a ton of saw dust at the entrance of the village and the end of the village. At night the rats came and fed on the saw dust, gorging themselves. They grew bigger and bigger. Then one day there were no more rats. They all died. What happened? You see there is NO NUTRITION in sawdust and they all died from MALNUTRITION! Be careful what you “feed” your mind on, don’t feed on what is  the “sawdust” of the world’s system, with its vain philosophies, humanism, legalism, mysticism and those who mix Scripture with psychology which can never meet the need of the soul. Be a Berean! When they heard Paul speak they went back to check the Scriptures to see if these things he spoke of were so. Do not take what someone says as “Gospel” without studying the Scriptures! Choose to be a Berean! {Acts 17:10-11} Feed on the truth of God’s Word, read it, Meditate upon it and apply it by faith. Come look for Jesus in His Word. At times you may not “feel” like reading. We all know about this. Ask God to give you a desire for His Word, meditate upon a verse.

Some people can read through the Bible and it is to them a duty, a “have to do” to “check off my list”and they can miss Him in the process. It is a wonderful thing to read the whole Bible. It is a wonderful thing also to stop, pause and think and meditate upon His Word to see Him and apply what it says.

Cows have several stomachs, when they eat they chew it and bring it back up and chew on it again. So too we must meditate, word for word, phrase for phrase on his Word. One way of doing this is write a verse on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you and when you have time look at it and think, think, think on the word, phrase and verse and hide in your heart. You can live on a verse for months at a time and nourish your soul! The Scripture is compared to food, milk, honey, solid food for your soul! What food does in the physical realm to nourish you God has given His Word to nourish your soul. “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you RICHLY…” {Colossians 3:16}.

When you deposit His Word in your heart the Holy Spirit can bring it back to your mind years later at a time when you need a word in season. Feed your soul on that which alone can nourish it. God has given his Word for you to ultimately know Him -{John 17:3; Matt 11:28-30; Phil 3;8,10}.

Read His Word, asking the Holy Spirit to illumine it and reveal  Jesus Christ to you.