Loneliness has been defined as” sadness because one has no friends or company. “feelings of depression and loneliness”
2.(of a place) the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation.”

Loneliness is a state of mind and feelings of separation, isolation, sadness due to lack of friends, companionship. Feeling unworthy, unwanted, feeling forgotten, not fitting in, loss. It is emotionally painful. Some people are shut in, elderly and in need of a friend, a phone call, a visit. You can be their friend! Young people, people of all ages can “feel” lonely at times. Marriage for some seems to be the answer but even there, a person can be lonely if the reltionship is not in submission to the LORD. Loneliness can be felt by any age, nationality, Christians are not immune from it or the temptation to become isolated, despairing, feeling cut off and alone!

Here are some verses to THINK on and share with others to encourage themselves if or when they feel lonely. The Holy Spirit uses TRUTH to TRANSFORM our THINKING that Influences our actions. It is imperative to arrest the first thought that would turn us inward and lead us down into a spiral of despair. Truth is God’s weapon for us to THINK right. This is what we feed our souls with, speak the truth to ourselves- truth to transform our thinking.


THE LORD is near… me – Phil 4:4
THE LORD Listens… to me – Psalm 34:6
The LORD is For… me – Romans 8 :31
The LORD LOVES… me – Rev 1:5
The LORD Cares for …me:- 1 Peter 5:7
The LORD has Chosen… me for Himself- Eph 1:4
THE LORD is my Sufficiency…- 2 Cor 3:5
THE LORD has given me Power for Life and Godliness- 2 Peter 1:3
THE LORD’S Promises are Precious and Magnificent and for me-2 Pet 1:4
THE LORD has Called me into Fellowship With His SON”- 1 Cor 1:9
THE LORD has called me not to look out for my own interests ONLY, BUT also for the interests of others – Phil 2:3-4

THE LORD has Called me to Pray For OTHERS  as well as myself -1 Tim 2:1; Phil 4;6

{Read Each Bible Reference above as a means to help you THINK on Truth and allow the Holy Spirit “fuel” from His Word to help you THINK RIGHT {See also Phil 4:8 where it lists six “whatever” to THINK on and  in verse 9 DO Right}

Attack the Lonely thinking and feelings with TRUTH that transforms.  On his dying bed, one man uttered these words, “BEST of All the LORD is Near.” Think RIGHT about HIM. Think on His character . Think on His Promises! Trust Him.

Sometimes the worst thing you can do is withdraw for long periods of time, cutting yourself off from others…is a recipe for despair and depression. Turning inward will often lead to going downward, emotionally and spiritually.


Speaking the truth to yourself and Praising the Lord as the psalmist did in Psalm 103:1-5 “Bless {Speak well of…Praise } The LORD O my soul and do not forget all His benefits… Thinking on Those Benefits in Psalm 103:1-5 and using each one to praise Him helps with your thought life and tat is where the battle of loneliness begins… in the MIND!


Did you know there are approx 50 positive “One another’s” in the New TESTAMENT, what we are to be to “one another,” so with those the emphasis is on each of us to Be to someone else, Be involved to “accept… bear… care… devote…encourage…forgive…honor…kind…love.. prefer…serve…one another.”  There is a mutual responsibility and if we follow those we will have multiple opportunities to reach out to do good to others. Perhaps you can’t get out but you can reach out through letter, phone social media…someone a day can be the recipient of a note, tweet, from you…

Sitting in a room with other people and aimlessly texting on your phone is not ministering or serving the person or people in your presence. PUT DOWN THE PHONE and CONCENTRATE on the person or people around you. Engage them in conversation. Listen to them, speak to them. Prefer them, Love them!

Look to reach to to someone else to come alongside them to encourage them!

You are someone’s answer in their time of loneliness.

As God Comforts you, you are able to comfort others {Read 2 Cor 1:3-4}

  • Attack Lonelyness by speaking to yourself with The Word Of God!
  • Praise and Focus On GOD
  • Purposely Seek to REACH OUT to encourage others


  1. – CUT AND PASTE THE VERSES ABOVE AND PLACE ON A MIRROR OR BESIDE YOUR BED OR SOMEWHERE you can see them and be reminded as you read through that you Have Him. Thank Him, He has not left you alone. Encourage someone with what He has shown you of Himself. Reach out to those in need.
  2. – Or perhaps write a few verses on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you and read and meditate and praise Him as you think on Him and His truth. ATTACK THE LONELINESS WITH TRUTH and the Holy Spirit will transform your thinking.
  3. – God will use you in the lives of others. Your pain will allow you to compassionately help others.