“Doubt Your Doubts!”
Trust your Doubts and Doubt God Or Doubt your Doubts and Trust God!
We all are tempted and deal with doubts, it’s how we deal with them reveals who we are trusting!
The LORD told the people He was giving the people the land. In Numbers 13, They sent out twelve spies and all returned and gave a report. The ten reported what they saw that the land was good, but saw the people and said the cities were fortified and the people were giants, warlike people. Though God had delivered the people from Egypt, opened the Red Sea and rescued them, they had seen His Power, His love.They had a history of seeing God act on their behalf an keep His Word, yet they DOUBTED what He said and believed their doubts and doubted God!
* WHAT caused them to DOUBT GOD? What they Saw and therefore concluded! They were living by sight and not by faith in GOD OR WHAT HE SAID!

* When You doubt what is the cause? What you see, feel, and YOU CHOOSE to fall back on leaning to your own understanding having to trade in all you know about Him, His faithfulness to you, disowning the history of seeing His faithfulness to you! That’s the exchange you make. Think of a pair of scales, on one side is your doubts, on the other side God and His Word. You choose the one you ultimately trust!

And distrusting His Word as unreliable, not trustworthy! Think on that!
Only Joshua and Caleb believed God the others gave a bad report to such an extent the people believed the majority of the spies and were fearful and they too doubted God and believed their doubts and would not obey God! To doubt means to be uncertain about, question or consider unlikely. To doubt God is to call into question the truth of, to be uncertain about Him,and see as unlikely what He says!
The one you focus on and feed with your time and continual thinking will be the one that will grow and control your thinking, either doubts or trusting in God and what He declares in His Word!
Doubt Your Doubts Or They Will Dominate you, and it won be pretty. Double-minded, anxiety, fear, despair some of it’s destructive fruit!
Doubt your Doubts or they will dominate, destabilize, and corrode your faith!
When we Doubt God,
* We reject what He has said.
* We reject the History we have of seeing His faithfulness and fulfilling His Word to us.
* We choose to embrace and believe our doubts and doubt God!
* It is to say, I would rather live with my own uncertainties than put my trust in God and His Word.
Doubt your doubts and believe God!