“Idiot”…”stupid…” “reject”…”failure…”useless”…”why can’t you be like…”…”why can’t you ever do anything right?…words… “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”- LIE! Name-calling can have a devastating effect and crush the spirit, and when these lies are embraced as “truth” they can cause great pain and despair…Well, this morning I have 4 glorious words for you from God, your maker , redeemer and “words” which are true of you, ”In Christ.” Words that are not fantasy, or wishful thinking, but eternal, uplifting, to be embraced, and acted upon. You are whom He says you are, Consider with me your identity this day for who you truly are…“ I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM.”

“So, as those who have been CHOSEN of God, HOLY and BELOVED… having FORGIVEN us ALL our transgressions…having nailed it to the CROSS.”- Colossians 3:12; 2:13-14


Right then, let’s have a chat about who you are irrespective of how you “feel,” as God declares the truth about you. Growing up in Ireland and having watched and played professional soccer I have been exposed to some of the “banter” by fans through their singing and chants, and one chant that is a favorite of many fans is the chants of “Who are you?.., WHO are you?… Who are you?” Fans in their hundreds shouting it and then the crowd joins in, and in their thousands throughout the stadium as the noise comes to a crescendo “Who are you?” they shout in unison. It is taunting the opposing fans and their players, it is a taunt of derision…. a put- down “Who are you, in comparison to us?” is what the chant literally means. There are times when the evil one would blister you with derisory thoughts of your failures and insufficiencies and seek to blind you with your “nothingness” and sins, he uses people as well as the whispers to your mind to seek to malign, discourage and dishearten you …It is then you must allow God to answer for you.

Paul gives the believers FOUR Glorious Titles, he writes that they are “Chosen, Holy, Beloved, Forgiven…”
These believers in the midst of false teaching- {Col 2:8,16,18,20-23} and were being told Christ was not Sufficient and their Salvation was Deficient…Paul reminds them of who they are…


“Chosen” 1:12. The word means, “to select or pick out for one‘s self which is derived from ek = out + lego = call).Literally it means “the “called out ones” or “chosen out ones.”

The idea of eklektos is the ones who have been chosen for one’s self, selected out of a larger number.” Indeed to be selected for one self from available alternatives. David when he went to fight Goliath “chose” for himself certain stones from those which were available to him. It is said of Jeremiah, “I chose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations.”-{ Jer 1:5}. Peter tells the Christians, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light “-{1 Peter 2:9}. Paul reminds the Colossians they are “the called out one’s of God.” God selected them. It was God’s doing. It is God’s Glory therefore. Consider Ephesians 1:4 which is a cause for Celebration of God’s Great Kindness. “Chosen before the foundation of the world.” It was not based on a person’s “Pedigree,” or “Potential,” But in Ephesians 1:4 we are told it is motivated by His Love…”In Love” 2: 4 “Great Love” – the word “great” speaks of “intense.” He intensely loves you, this was His motive!

When I was young and growing up in Ireland and playing soccer on the streets, sometimes I’d be the last picked and sometimes even then the team would try and make me play with the other team- Rejected…not wanted! But with God you and I are not the “unwanted,” but “first round draft picks”- chosen before He ever spoke the world into existence and threw down the stars and valleys and spread the skies. God had “chosen” you for Himself. Some want to debate it, others divide over it but Paul declares it for doxology in Eph 1:3-4… it is to Praise Him that He has “chosen” you, Called you out of sin’s clutches and satan’s bondage, to and for Himself and adopted you into His family as a precious son or daughter. This is His name for you-“chosen of God.”- say with me– “I AM WHOM GOD SAYS I AM.”


“-hagios” describes sinners who have supernaturally been set apart and separated from the profane, common, unholy world, AND CALLED “SAINTS” – NOT AS SOME ERRONEOUSLY TEACH as a result of “conducting two miracles,” and living a “blameless life” so as to be elevated to “sainthood,” as a result of THEIR WORKS, but because God chose them and set them apart for Himself and as “set apart ones” are now “saints,” “hagios!” They are now as one writer said, “Saints are in a sense now distinctive “trophies” of God’s amazing mercy and grace. It follows that saints are to live differently than the world which is passing away. We are not to run after the crowd and follow its…value systems ( 1Jn 2:15-17). We are expected to be different because we are different. We share a different kind of life, an eternal life, the life of Christ in us our hope (assurance) of (future) glory (set free forever and completely from the profane, unholy things of this evil world system). And all God’s people cry “Hallelujah! Amen! “In Christ” you are….”Holy.”


Positionally you are as “Holy” as you ever will be. Positionally this is true of you now and eternally so because of what Has done through His Son, the LORD Jesus! -{1 Cor 1:9.}

B. – SET APART FOR HIS SERVICE” -1 Cor 6:19-20. Say with me out loud, “I AM WHOM GOD SAYS I AM-I am Chosen, I am Holy…”- you are getting the point!



“Beloved of God.” … How wonderful, not only “CHOSEN and HOLY…” but “BELOVED.” The motivation of God in Choosing you and setting you apart for Himself as His trophy of grace is His immense and deep, deep Love for you! The word “Beloved “as used here is a verb. It is continuously so. It is not as though God did love you, and as some bewildered teenager has now “fallen out of love with you!” Heaven forbid for there is nothing, absolutely nothing in you or me that would draw that love out of God since our vileness and rebellion are contemptible to His holiness and righteousness “But God… BEING RICH IN MERCY BECAUSE OF His great Love has made us alive in Christ.” It is by God’s doing … He setting His love upon us. A love that is sacrificial and enduring and eternal. How do you know He loves you? “The Son of God loves me and gave Himself up for me…”- The cross of Jesus Christ!-Gal 2:20. And this love is a “forever love! Not based on your erratic performance but a settled love- once for all with everlasting effects. A Love of commitment that will not let you go. A man once was engaged and found out he was losing his sight. When he told his fiance, she said “I could never marry a blind man” and broke off the engagement. Heart broken, he penned these lovely and true words of the Lord Jesus, “Oh Love that will not let me go, I rest my weary soul on Thee, I give thee back the love I owe that in its ocean depth my life may richer fuller be.” He knew there was One whose love was not dependent upon anyone or thing outside of Himself! His love is unconditional and sacrificial as God Himself loves sinful men (John 3:16) and the way He loves the Son (John 3:35, 15:9, 17:23, 24). Note that agapao is a verb and by its verbal nature calls for action. This love is not based on fickle emotions or what you can bring to the relationship, but began with, sustained with a forever love of commitment- an act and choice of God- for you! This glorious name, “beloved” signifies that –YOU- and all believers are objects of God’s special love, YOU – are dear to His heart…. Indeed the apple of His eye. He loves you because He chose to love you- And nothing absolutely nothing and no one can ever separate you form the Love of God in Christ Jesus.{Read Romans 8:31-39}. Say with me out loud, “I AM WHOM GOD SAYS I AM- I AM HIS “BELOVED.”- and that is a FACT. For God cannot ever lie, for God is True- and His Word is true-{John 17:17.} He loves you, He so loved you He gave His Son for you, He “presently” loves you,”…to Him who continuously loves us…”- {Rev 1:6} and He says you are “the Beloved of God”- {Romans 1:7.} Nothing in and of themselves or you has caused this, but the Grace of God, bestowed, lavished upon them and you, for His Own good pleasure.{Eph 1:5} You are “THE BELOVED OF GOD,” because He chose you to be the recipient of His love and attention! So you can say with assurance, “I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM.”


And how about this for a “Bonus” thought to chew on… for your mind to think on and tongue to confess…


Col 2:12-13- “having forgiven ALL our transgressions” Not a single sin, past, present or future is not Judicially forgiven. None left un-forgiven- “ALL” sent away on His Son, your Substitute and therefore beloved, you are now “Forgiven.”

Forgiven- what a powerful word. God through His writers conveys some powerful word pictures to us to convey the miracle of His forgiveness…
* As great as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy—Ps 103:11
* As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us—Ps 103:12
* Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow—Ish 1:18
* have swept away your sins like the morning mists—Isaiah 44:22 (NLT)
*I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for My own sake, and remembers your sins no more- Ish 43:25
*He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit.- Titus 3:5 (NLT)

The Lord Jesus on the cross, said “IT IS FINISHED.” God the Father had sent Him on a mission to die as our substitute, and sin bearer for you and be resurrected as your Advocate and bring you to God. The words, “it is finished” is one word in the Greek, “tetelestai.” Which means, “Paid in Full.” When a debt was paid this word was written on the loan document, will or letter- to signify the debt was “PAID IN FULL”- “It IS finished!” There was no more payments, nothing else to be done, it was complete. In the first century, when people had paid of all their debt they would shout “tetelestai.” This was a great shout of declaration. A shout of Victory of triumph, of liberation, of the cancellation of a debt which had been, “PAID IN FULL”- it no longer was held over them, or against them. They were free from the debt. They were no longer in bondage to the debt, “It is finished- PAID IN FULL.” and as a result for you every moment you can live “NOW” with the assurance there is therefore… “No condemnation NOW for those who are in Christ Jesus.”-Rom 8:1.

God’s Forgiveness is a promise! God’s Forgiveness is permanent! It does not keep a record of wrongs but has erased them,- eternally so!

It is through the CROSS of the Lord Jesus Christ alone that we can Know and experience forgiveness of “ALL” our sins based on His Work Alone. “Nothing in our hands we bring simply to His cross we cling”- “For by Grace you have been saved through faith; and not of ourselves, it is the GIFT of God; not as a result of works, so that NO ONE may Boast…For May it never be that I should BOAST, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ…”- Ephesians 2:8-; Galatians 6:14…YES, YOU ARE who God says you are and you can say, “I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM.”



I hope this leads you to wonder, meditation and exaltation of Him and also produce rest in your heart in WHO God says you are the next time evil thoughts seek to molest…Remember you are Blessed!… not because of you but because there is a “…But God” in the equation…

So the next time the “chants” or “whispers” of despair and discouragement would seek to molest your mind, when evil chants would attempt to overwhelm you, WHEN PAST MEMORIES Or UNKIND AND UNTRUE WORD’S WOULD SEEK TO TEAR YOU DOWN …- Do not look to yourself for the answer but Look away to Jesus Christ, His Work on your behalf and SEE yourself and SPEAK to yourself concerning Who God sees and says you are! SAY TO YOURSELF…”I AM WHOM GOD DAYS I AM…”

These 4 Titles are gifted to you through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ…. Revel in Him and in whom He declares you are – to Him and before Him! Rejoice you are ROYALTY {1 Peter 2:9-10}

Speak to yourself the Truth-“ I AM WHOM GOD SAYS I AM!”
“Who are you?…”

“I am Chosen
I am Beloved
I am Holy
I am Forgiven”

…that’s who I am because God says so…To God be the glory! These are 4 of His Name’s He calls you today and forever you will be known, are known by before Him!

Look today to Share the “4 Glorious Titles” of the believer with someone else… pray FOR SOMEONE TO KNOW who they are – in Christ- THAT THEY MAY BE STABILIZED , MATURED IN THEIR THINKING AND ACT UPON THEIR GREAT PRIVILEGES and PRAISE HIM…

Thoughts which are untrue come to your mind, you must not- indeed it is imperative you refuse to give them a minute’s notice , instead speak to yourself truth, “I AM WHOM GOD SAYS I AM”- I am CHOSEN- HOLY- BELOVED- FORGIVEN-

“Sticks and stones…” PEOPLE MAY say unkind words to you, satan may whisper unkind words to you, “BUT GOD…” He has names for  you and me that will never hurt us4 names you can live with!