Troubles are Temporal though some may last a lifetime. Your future is with Jesus in Eternity and while troubles are temporal, eternity is,…Eternal. To help you in your troubles involves your and my Thought life, Learning to Think right as revealed by God in His Word… -“Set your minds on things above,..”-{Col 3:2}. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of YOUR mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–His good, pleasing and perfect will.”-{Rom 12:2}

Using The Scriptures to reshape your thinking aligning it with His as revealed in His Word is by One choice at a time, feeding your mind on His Word to help you think from God’s perspective to do so…and helping you to help others in their times of troubles! You never just study His Word for yourself it is also to help others, including in their time of troubles-{Read Ezra 7:10; Nehemiah 8; Rom 15:14}. And when tempted by evil thoughts to question “Where is God in your troubles?” You let the Scripture answer “… I will be with him in trouble,”-{Psalm 91:15}. God is with you… as painful, difficult, sorrowful as you may be….He has not abandoned or forsaken you. It is not based on feelings but on Scripture. Who He is and what He has promised! -{Read Psalm 91:5; Heb 13:5}.

So often in times of troubles our FAULTY THINKING is exposed. David was convinced God had forgotten and forsaken him.- {Read Psalm 3:1-2}. The disciples in the storm as Jesus slept THOUGHT He did not care and verbalized their “false belief’s” about Him!…And then we draw from our own lives how quick we are to forget His Word and we revert to THINKING that is opposed to Him and His Word.

We lean to our own understanding and so we have to stop the tide of wrong, demonic accusations by choosing to THINK ON TRUTH AND APPLYING IT IN OUR TROUBLES, and this the Holy Spirit will empower us to do as we choose TRUTH in our Troubles to live by!

He is With you…{Psalm 91:15; Heb 13:5};

He IS working this out for good – {Read Rom 8:28-29}.

He is for you- {Rom 8:31}

He is enabling you to follow Him IN and THROUGH the troubles you encounter {Read 2 Peter 1:3}.

He continually loves you.-{Revelation 1:5}


And this seems a strange thing to say – but He says “rejoice” not for rejoicing sake but He says “Rejoice In The LORD”-{Read Phil 3:1} and He says why. “It is a SAFEGUARD for you…” the word “safeguard” means to keep from tripping up, overthrown or stumbling...It keeps your morale up, it protects your mind, and He gives Himself as the Object of choosing to delight in.

A Good study…If you read Philippians, go chapter by chapter and underline the word “Joy, Rejoice, glad,” and see what are some reasons to “rejoice” in. Also, read chapter by chapter and underline what it says concerning Him, and you will see reasons to THINK right about Him and reasons to DELIGHT in Him in time of troubles. And as you do so, it will protect your mind and promote a healthy mind and impart God’s perspective as well as spiritual fruit to share with others for their troubles from His Storehouse of Treasure in His WORD.

God will use you as His means of Hope amidst another suffering soul to draw strength and His perspective in their pain, sorrows, perplexities.Troubles are temporal, Truth transforms us in our troubles as the Holy Spirit reminds us, empowers us to THINK right and do right in times of troubles {Read Phil 4:8-9}. THINK on TRUTH continually and apply so to Transform you and impart Hope amidst your Troubles and the Troubles others are going through!🙂