is NOT to draw you closer to God.

Is NOT that you might Know God more intimately.

is NOT to cause you to Love God more affectionately and wholeheartedly.

is NOT that you Love Others more sacrificially.

Is NOT that you may rely on and Trust God with all of your heart.

Is NOT that you Glorify God as your end.

It offers you a way that is NOT God’s Way.

Temptation’s Goal is that you might YIELD to the temptation and sin against God and others.

Temptation is relentless, some subtle, some not so. Jesus Christ as a Man overcame it and has shown us through using the Word of God we too in dependence upon the Spirit of God can too. – {Reas Matt 4:4; 7. 10}

REALIZE – You will be Tempted.

RECOGNIZE Temptation has no power over the followers of Christ except what we give it in our lives!

RENEW YOUR MIND– With God’s Word,-{Rom 12:2l Phil4:8-8; Col 3:2} to Realize, Recognize temptation to resist temptation through Relying on the Spirit of God and the Word of God.

REPENT– If you have yielded to temptation and sinned. Learn from it and look away to Jesus, confessing your sin and beginning afresh. Good news, we can begin afresh.-{Read 1 John 1:9}


God Bless,