As Jesus said in Matthew 4:4,6,10 when tempted, “IT IS WRITTEN, IT IS WRITTEN, IT IS WRITTEN.” We build on His Word not on our feelings which can change and are often not in alliance with His Word and therefore are not reliable. Nor can we rely on our “performance,” which is never the standard, only His life, the cross, and resurrection.

To depend on our feelings and or our performance is deceptive and deficient and will lead to despair, and depression if we trust in faulty feelings or a deficient foundation such as our “performance!”

So, we look at what is written in His Word as our absolute authority for living and trusting in and so we speak to ourselves and apply “IT IS WRITTEN” as our Standard, Foundation Security, and for our Spiritual Stability!

What verse can you recall to encourage yourself or someone else?

Three powerful words to build your life on “IT IS WRITTEN!”