“His DELIGHT is in the Law of the LORD and in it he MEDITATES day and night.” -{Psalm 1:2}.

The Fruit, the consequences of DELIGHTING, deriving pleasure from God’s Word is to meditate, be occupied with it consistently and habitually returning to it, in those moments when you don’t have to concentrate on school or work…your mind “defaults” back to His Word.

But what If I am worried?

Well,that is what will fill your thoughts and occupy your thinking and in turn control your actions, if you CHOOSE to dwell on them. And let’s be honest which of us have ever worried and afterwards said, *”That was a great experience, it accomplished so much and brought great assurance and peace to my mind.. it was very relaxing, emotionally profitable and beneficial!” I’m going to keep living this way every time I am tempted I will “default” back to anxiety. I can’t wait! * NONE OF US HAVE! It stressed us, made us fearful. emotionally exhausted us, diverted us from seeking the Kingdom of God first… among some of the things it caused.

Jesus spoke about it and spoke of the futility of it that in worrying we can’t add anything to our life… we all have done it and YET as a default we often go back down that well worn demoralizing, fear- fueled path and dig a deeper rut as it were in our thinking. IT IS A HABIT FROM OUR OLD LIFE WE NEED TO DISCARD LIKE A FILTHY GARMENT and “Put On”a new mindset by renewing our thinking with God’s Word which is His Provision for us for “everything pertain to life and Godliness”-{2 Peter 1:3}

Difficulties come and our first thought is to do what?…. Worry…! And this is why God would have us to change our thinking “renew our mind”{Read Romans 12:2}, and indeed our initial response is to …PRAY…”Be anxious in NOTHING {not one thing that will cause you to be anxious is allowed… no not one thing” and He gives us the safe, Heaven alternative in Phil 4:6-7}…”But in EVERYTHING by PRAYER…with supplication… and THANKSGIVING… let YOUR …REQUESTS… BE MADE Known to….{ who?}… GOD….” And He PROMISES that if you do these He PROMISES in v 7 “the PEACE OF GOD which surpasses ALL understanding WILL GUARD your heart and MIND in Christ.”

The TEMPTATION to worry comes and we can HOLD UP THE “Shield of Faith ” and meet it with PRAYER… and as we do we can count on HIM Fulfilling HIS PROMISE of PEACE…. GUARDING, PROTECTING, PROVIDING PEACE OF HEART AND MIND AMIDST THE STORMS!

Meet the temptation to worry IMMEDIATELY with TALKING TO GOD- PRAYING TO HIM! It is an attitude and act of dependence and trust in Him and the evidence? You give Him the things that are worrying you, one by one-{Read 1 Peter 5:7}

GOD’S ALTERNATIVE FOR YOU, is to develop a new way of thinking that will take practice and if you fail.,… start again and keep going and this new habit of thinking right will develop your spiritual maturity. Trust Him to strengthen you when tempted to quit or to fall back into the old way of responding to trouble and difficulties by yielding to fear, anxiety, despair. That is no longer who you are or the power in Christ you possess to develop new Godly responses, responses that Honor God in the fight!

Anxiety means to “divide the mind” and when you are tempted to, immediately TURN to HIM and PRAY Phil 4:6 and be assured He who arose from the dead, Guarantees HIS PEACE to guard your hearts and mind just as He has promised.

How often over the years I HAVE TURNED AGAIN AND AGAIN to this passage of Scripture and Prayed Phil 4:6 and then reminded Him of His promise of PEACE if I followed and obeyed and trusted Him to do what He said He would do if I obeyed Phil 4:6… And in those times when I have not? Eaten up with anxiety!

So, what can we do when anxiety comes? Pray… God’s PRESCRIPTION and as 1 Peter 5:7 says “CAST ALL of your Anxieties on Him… why “FOR”– Gives the explanation why… “He CARES FOR YOU!”

We often falsely believe that if we are following the LORD we are immune from difficulties, but not so. Jesus says in this world you will have troubles. That is a fact and a Promise! But He also said to be of good courage because He had overcome the world.

The thing you give your mind to think on will occupy, dominate and radiate through your life… anxiety or peace in the storm*

Thoughts come to our mind, at times bizarre thoughts, evil thoughts, anxious, fearful thoughts. We can’t stop those but WE CAN STOP WHAT WE CHOOSE TO MEDITATE UPON, CONSTANTLY EMBRACING AND CHEWING ON OVER AND OVER…

That is the CAPACITY you have “In Christ”-{Read Phil 4:8} on How To TRAIN YOUR THINKING IN A NEW WAY AND WHAT TO THINK ABOUT!

Begin afresh and ask Him. “Incline the Desires of my heart to Your Word -{Psalm 119:36} that I may DELIGHT in Your Word and meditate upon it day and night as a new habit, that I keep going back again and again to it in those “free moments” so that I may Know You the GOD Whose Word it is and trust You when tempted with anxiety to choose instead to PRAY… Your Way and give You my cares and SEE AGAIN You are Faithful to Keep ALL of Your Promises. LORD, please Incline my mind to a new Habit of allowing Your Word to be my constant meditation which I go back to again and again… my default move. my initial THOUGHT Processing move…. “

Memorize Philippians 4:6-7 so when difficulties come to seek to fill you with anxiety you can turn to Him in PRAYER and be assured He will fulfil His PROMISE to You…


You are NO LONGER a slave to ANXIETY,FEAR But you Now “IN CHRIST” are free to develop new patterns of Thinking by praying,”Incline my DESIRES to Your Word …that I may DELIGHT in it and mediate upon it day and night… that I may Know You better and follow You…and DEVELOP NEW THOUGHT PATTERNS THAT will influence how I think and LIVE for Your Honor.” { Read Psalm 119:36, Psalm 1:2; James 1:22}