-{Read Phil 4:6}

Temptation is not a sin. It is when we yield to it, that we sin. The purpose of temptation is to entice and tempt you and me to choose to sin against God. The attack is on our thought life, seeking to influence us rather than the Word of Truth- God’s Word {Read John 17:17}. Some people erroneously think if a sinful thought comes to their mind that they have sinned. Not so. It is just the evil one knocking at the door of our mind seeking entrance, in order to influence. We can and must meet it with “Truth!.. Let your mind dwell on Truth”-{Read Phil 4:8-9}.

Recognize the temptation, reject it, and replace it with truth, His Word to think on, guide you, and then do it! Another way to encounter temptation is through…Prayer!

When tempted turn the Temptation (Whatever type it may be) into Prayer, by Turning To Him And talking To Him. Supplication speaks of “request or petition,” asking Him for something! When temptation comes to Your Mind, Immediately Turn To Him IN prayer! We often mull over a thought of temptation to the mind and fail to bring it to Him, give it to Him and instead we carry the load ourselves, and we get weighed down and live as though HE DOES NOT EXIST, or if He does, He is unavailable, impotent, uncaring to help. We “blank” Him out for whatever reason … or We fall back leaning to our own understanding…and the thought seeps into our mind and we continue to think on it and it “eats” away at us, drilling into our thinking, consuming us and in our own effort trying to deal with it and not even realizing we are discarding Him, who alone can help us to think right and respond through His provision for us of His Word and Spirit.-{Read 1 Cor 10;13; Phil 4:8-9}.

Ask Him to help you that when the temptation to your mind comes to immediately turn to Him… that is faith in action…and faith- your faith,…” pleases Him.”-{Heb 11:6} –

Temptation Is An Opportunity To Trust Him, and one Evidence Is… Supplication