Sometimes we falsely think that “our commitment” gains us favor with God when in fact it is the Work of Jesus that has gained us His favor, “…you now Stand in Grace ” {Eternal Favor}-{Rom 5:2}. So, we need to change our thinking through renewing our mind in alignment with what He says in His Word!

We falsely elevate “our commitment,” self-works, above the Work of Christ… seeking to impress God, persuade Him into liking us, loving us! It is to offer up to God self righteousness to try earn His Favor, when His Word teaches… He has favored and does favor you, based on the Work of His Son! It’s faulty Thinking!

“Stand“{histmi} means to “STAND FIRM, FIRMLY FIXED” in this permanent sphere of Grace! Through Christ you eternally “stand in grace!” Saved by Grace, – {Eph 2:8-9}; Sustained by Grace – {2 Cor 12:9}; Strengthened by Grace – {2 Tim 2:1};You Stand in Grace having been brought there through the Lord Jesus and you are now permanently in His favor, having been placed there by Him and sustained by Him … the Smile of God upon you:)

Our STANDING with God is one of Divine favor, it never will change. What needs to change is our UNDERSTANDING which has to change!

Romans 5:2 a good verse to read, meditate, praise Him for …

Our “Commitment”does Not gain us Favor with God… CHRIST Has!

Live by Facts {Truth of His Word} not by ever-changing feelings!