Let’s be honest which of us have ever worried and afterwards said, “That was a great experience, it accomplished so much and brought great assurance and peace to my mind.. it was very relaxing, emotionally profitable and beneficial! I’m going to keep living this way every time I am tempted I will “default” back to anxiety. I can’t wait!”


It stressed us, made us fearful, emotionally exhausted us, physically affected us, diverted us from seeking the Kingdom of God first… among some of the things it caused. So why do we still CHOOSE to go back and do it again and again and again and again, KNOWING these things?

One reason is because We Do Not BELIEVE GOD CARES FOR US!

We reject the end of 1 Peter 5:7, “FOR HE CARES FOR…YOU!” And if we are not convinced He cares for us we will not entrust Him with our worries!

Another reason is We do not know or believe that we can live free and need to be informed or reminded of the truth that The LORD Jesus has Set us free! We are not free from the temptation but FREE  from living in the grips and bondage of anxiety and having to respond as we always have in the past, by submitting to it, where it is a habit we have which we have carried over from before we were free and belonging to the LORD Jesus!

Sure we are tempted, but are we slaves where we have to succumb? Or can the temptation to worry be overcome? Has Jesus Christ made provision? Yes He has…

The PROMISE OF PEACE from God for the heart and Mind {Read Philippians 4:7}, is made to those who do what in Phil 4:6.. Read and note the four things He tells us to do, by faith.And to those who does He promises, and provides peace fo heart and mind to guard us, How relieving, and wonderful!

Maybe it’s time we gave up worry and appropriated God’s Provision in Phil 4;6 and 1 Peter 5:7 and His Promise regarding any TEMPTATION in 1 Cor 10:13…THESE are three good verses for you to read, pray, and to encourage you How to win against the TEMPTATION to Worry…read them and personalize them

“God has given us Everything pertaining to life and Godliness “-{2 Peter 1:3}. Personalize it. “God has given me everything I need for Life and Godliness”… “I can do ALL things through Christ who infuses me with strength”-{Phil 4:13}

You are Loved, and God has made provision for us “In Christ”…Sometimes we embrace worry because, well, we have always done it that way, it is a HABIT… it’s just the way we think and have responded in the past. Now “In Christ,” you and I have to develop a new habit of right thinking, renewing our mind to align it up with how God would have us think, so as to influence our thinking and lead to God honoring actions.-{Read Rom 12:2; Phil 4:8-9}, We are not on our own to somehow generate it by ourselves but we are empowered by the Holy SPIRIT WITHIN US to change the way we think, and now can apply God’s Word to our circumstances. -{Read Phil 2:13; Phil 4:19;James 1:22}

Temptation to worry has no power over us unless we submit to it and to do so we have to REJECT the Work of Christ to Deliver us from the bondage of worry and the WORD of Christ which instructs us how-BY FAITH we can overcome it in the Power of the Holy Spirit!

Here is a Little Study to Allow the Holy Spirit to Use His Word, to Enlighten, Embolden, Encourage you and also Equip you to Help others among us who have struggled;

Assignment to Help Renew your Mind;

Read These

1.- 1 Cor 1:30- What Is The Promise For ALL Temptation’s you face?

2. Phil 4:6-7 – What are the four things you need to do in v6 in order to experience the promise of peace of mind and heart in v 7?

3.- 1 Peter 5:7- What Are you told to do with your worries?… And Why?

4. 2 Peter 1:3- What Has God Given you?

“It is FOR Freedom Christ HAS set us Free. STAND FIRM, then, and DO NOT LET yourselves be Burdened AGAIN By A Yoke of slavery.”-{Gal 5:1}.


God bless. You are cherished and continually loved by Him who died to free you and if the Son shall you FREE, YOU ARE FREE INDEED! – {Read John 8:32; Rev 1:5} –🙂¬†