IT WAS SUBTLE– it came across my thoughts, “There’s no point in praying…” Has that happened to you? I am sure it has as it is one way the evil one seeks to cut off our supply line…..“But God…” rescued me with allowing me to come across this verse shortly after the seed of doubt, the “fiery dart” was shot seeking inroads in my thinking to influence my actions…to quit and then God had me come across this verse which revealed, and re-enforced His perspective and will for me… and you… Be encouraged…

“Pray in the Spirit

at ALL times and

on EVERY occasion.



in YOUR Prayers

for ALL believers

EVERYWHERE.”- {Eph 6:18 NLT}

” With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints, “- { Eph 6:18 -NASB}

“PRAY “- The most common Greek word translated “prayer” in the New Testament is the word “proseuche.” This particular word and its various forms is used approximately 127 times in the New Testament. It is the word that Paul uses in Ephesians 6:18, when he says, “Praying always with all prayer.…” The word “prayer” in this verse is a translation of the word proseuche…The word used here for Prayer is “proseuche ” is a compound of the words pros and euche. The word pros is a preposition that means toward, and it can denote a sense of closeness. For example, one scholar says the word pros is used to portray the intimate relationship that exists between the members of the Godhead. John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.…” The word “with” is taken from the word pros. By using this word to describe the relationship between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit is telling us that theirs is an intimate relationship. One expositor has translated the verse, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was face to face with God.…Nearly everywhere it is used in the New Testament, the word “pros” carries the meaning of close, up-front, intimate contact with someone else…” -{ “Christianity Today – Renner}

” PRAY”-(proseuche} from pros = toward or immediately before + euchomai = to pray or vow) is the more general word for prayer and is used only of prayer to God. The prefix “pros” would convey the sense of being immediately before Him and hence the ideas of adoration, devotion, and worship.The basic idea is to bring something, and in prayer this pertains to bringing up prayer requests…”-{preceptaustin commentaries}

“Verse 18 is strictly speaking not a command, but two participles, praying and staying alert, which are dependent on the imperative stand at the beginning of verse 14 (F. F. Bruce, The Epistles to the Colossians, to Philemon, and to the Ephesians [Eerdmans], p. 411). So the idea is, Stand firm by praying and by staying alert…the word in Greek is a participle, which is dependent on the command, “Stand firm” (6:14). Paul is saying, “Stand firm against the enemy by being alert to persevere and pray for all the saints.”.” -{Stephen Cole}.

“PRAY IN THE SPIRIT” -“To pray in the Spirit is to pray in the name of Christ, to pray consistent with His nature and will.” -{John Mac Arthur}. We have the Holy Spirit who prays for us and strengthens us and aid us in our praying. He is our Companion in praying! We are not alone!

“STAY ALERT” – “is literally without sleep and so to be sleepless or to be awake. To chase sleep away. To pass a sleepless night. To suffer from insomnia. The present tense calls for this to be the believer’s lifestyle. Be continually on standby alert as you pray! Keep your spiritual eyes open, for the enemy may assault you at any time! And in truth, the only way we can be continually on spiritual “high alert” is to be continually filled with the Spirit Who energizes that spiritual attitude! Our only adequacy in spiritual matters is Christ’s adequacy and He makes us adequate not by keeping this instruction under law but as we are led by the Spirit!”-{preceptaustin commenatries}.

“BE ALERT,”– This word, be alert ties in with the military analogy. You’re a sentry on duty. You are like a sentry on guard, vigilantly on the look out of the evil one trying to infiltrate with he’s poisonous , destructive ways, for his goal is always to”kill, steal and destroy,” for the evil one seeks as a roaring lion to “devour” in the trial.-{1 Peter 5:8-9}. Do you see someone anxious, depressed, suffering, lacking wisdom? Pray for them. A child struggling with fears, Pray for them. A couple struggling? Pray for them. Someone who is being sucked into being conformed to the world’s system devoid of God, pray for them. Someone struggling with bitterness, Pray for them. Yes, each of the above can be helped with His view from His Word, but also prayer is a necessity as it asks God almighty to intervene and by His Spirit to meet the person in the area of their need to help them choose His ways in their temptation, or sin. He has to illumine His Word to the person, as they hear, read or some one shares with them.You must watch for any signs of infiltration by the enemy to try and make a head way in the lives of believers , and go immediately to prayer. You are like a “watchman” on vigilant guard for the protection and promotion of their spiritual well being!  Prayer is a powerful weapon, for God Himself is sought and asked to intervene and it must be for His Glory, His Fame, His Kingdom coming in the person’s life-{Matt 6:9}.

One way Paul says we can “stay alert,” is “with thanksgiving”-{Col 4:2}. When you are tempted with the thoughts,”What is the point of praying?” Know that thought is not from the Lord, but from the evil discourager. How do we know? This verse before us in Ephesians 6:18 shows us HE WANTS US TO PERSIST IN PRAYER, NOT QUIT OR THROW IN THE TOWEL, as if we do we will spiritually faint, “Pray lest you faint!”-{Luke 18:1} “Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”-{Mark 14:38}.

“ALL PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION.”– All types of prayers, public praying with others, privately, in your heart, spoken, prayers of intercession, thanksgiving, worship, seeking of needs to be met, His kingdom coming in the situation. Before Him, His Throne, and asking of Him, for His glory!-{Read Matt 6:9}

“PETITION, SUPPLICATION, ” {Deesis}- ” refers to urgent requests or supplications to meet a need and are exclusively addressed to God. Deesis in the New Testament always carries the idea of genuine entreaty and supplication before God. It implies a realization of need and a petition for its supply.

Deesis was used by the angel who assured the godly father of John the Baptist,

“Do not be afraid (stop fearing indicating he already was fearful), Zacharias (means “Jehovah remembers”), for your petition (deesis – specifically their need for God to open his wife’s womb) has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth (means “my God is an oath”) will bear you a son, and you will give him the name John (means “Jehovah has shown grace”)” (Luke 1:13).

Luke uses deesis again of the disciples of John the Baptist, who were said to “often fast and offer prayers (deesis)” (Luke 5:33).

Deesis was used by Paul of his “prayer for the salvation of his fellow Israelites…

“Brethren, my heart’s (deepest, consuming) desire and my prayer prayer (deesis – conveys idea of pleading and entreaty, of persistent petition) to God for them is for their salvation.” (Ro 1:10note).

Paul practiced what he preached as is evident from his letter to the saints at Philippi, writing these encouraging words…

“I thank (eucharisteo > Eucharist used of Lord’s Supper when believers give thanks to God in remembrance of Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice on the cross) my (reflects Paul’s deep intimacy) God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer (deesis) with joy in my every prayer (deesis) for you all, in view of your (joint) participation (with me) in the gospel from the first day (when Lydia opened her home for the preaching of the Word) until now.” (see notes Philippians 1:31:4; }- {preceptaustin}.

Praying, petition, supplication because you are conscious of an urgent request and bringing the request exclusively to God to meet the need!

“AT ALL TIMES,ON EVERY OCCASIONS,” -” At all seasons.” Whether as a child, youth, adult, middle or elderly in age, whatever time of life Prayer, is appropriate and needful. Whatever the occasion you find yourself in or hear of others in, it is appropriate, good and right to pray! Talk to the Lord about it! Life is to be lived in contact with God, alert to pray, to talk to Him, in all of your circumstances. “Pray without ceasing, “-{1 THESS 5:17} IS NOT THAT WE PRAY TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY, THE WORD “WITHOUT CEASING,” was used of “a hacking cough.” It was something that happened with regular interruptions. So our life is to be lived with alertness and regular interruptions of turning our circumstances and thoughts of others into lifting them up in prayers to God!

Prayer is Vital in Spiritual warfare as it brings us into consciousness and contact with our Commander In Chief, The LORD!

“ALL PERSEVERANCE,”- Perseverance, persistence, means to be “devoted,” constantly to it, not giving up when you don’t see the answer you want, in the time you want! The verb form of this Greek word translated “perseverance” is often linked with prayer as seen in these verses (Read, Acts 1:14; 2:42; 6:4; Rom. 12:12; Col. 4:2).

“FOR ALL BELIEVERS EVERYWHERE.”-“ALL THE SAINTS.”- “Saints” means  ones who are set apart by God and for God. Being “alert” not sleeping spiritually,  but awake and standing in the gap for the good of others, who are also in this spiritual battle too. Praying for their spiritual growth, stability and also praying for other believers to be about His business and standing firm in who they are “In Christ,” Fighting the good fight of faith using His Word as our authority in governing and guiding us in our praying for others. Consider Paul’s prayer’s for the spiritual growth, stability. for the Philippians 1:9-11; Or his prayer in Col 1:9-14. His prayers for the Ephesian believers 1:14-23, and  Eph 3;12-21; Here are prayers you can pray for others! Go back and read the passages mentioned and place people’s names whom you are praying for in the verse’s and personalize it and know you are praying the will of God according to the Word of God! 

Praying for other believers who are also in this spiritual war, for the souls of the lost and those who are His that they may be effective in His work for His glory. Look out for the person beside you as would a soldier in war, look out for one another and this we can do through praying for one another!

Pray for believers at school to not succumb to the temptation to compromise but to graciously lovingly choose the LORD in their living and lovingly testify of Him with their lives and words and works. Pray for the home maker to use their time wisely, doing their work unto the Lord and not wasting their life sitting on front of the TV been seduced by soap operas and been taught and filling their mind by the ways of the world’s views on life, unashamed of the shameful things that Christ died to deliver us from! Or the missionary not to be caught up in “numbers” to somehow show they are “successful,” in their endeavors so as to be “accepted, appreciated” by others! Or the pastor who is weighed under discouragement, disheartened by members of his flock, who are more concerned with building their own kingdom than the Kingdom of God. Helpless to find helpers in the Kingdom work but who have no time in giving themselves, resources to their Alma-mater and what end they will go to watch their favorite sports, moving or arranging their schedules, spending resources to make sure they can get to or watch the game and yet have little time for His Kingdom. In some case the people are spiritually lost, in other cases they are seduced, slowly away from His business. God gives us all things richly to enjoy and enjoy we should, but when ever something or someone competes with Him or His cause then we are on dangerous ground, that like a banana trip, we turn away from Him- Pray, pray, pray for your brothers and sisters in The LORD! They too are in a spiritual battle according to Ephesians 6, and sometimes we forget  or are lulled into complacency, deceived, into thinking that everything is fine and we forget to pray for others if our own circumstances are comfortable and pleasurable. But we must pray for others, who are struggling, tempted or have sinned, we are our brother’s keeper!

But not only those who are tempted, struggling but those who are standing firm in the LORD, who are about His business, on the front-line daily in their home’s where Jesus said that at times your enemies will be in your own homes, they need to be inwardly strengthened by the Holy Spirit {Read Eph 3:13} to continue to live out their lives honoring the Lord and those around them so that others may see their good works and Glorify God.- {Matt 5:16} Praying for others to continue  wherever they are, whatever their circumstances , to be alert and use God’s means of prayer in their circumstances, mutually praying for others! And do  pray for them to be kept and to continue to walk humbly with the Lord. PRAY FOR OTHERS IN TE FAMILY OF GOD!

There are so many of His people to pray for that they not be led stray but that they realize they are His Ambassadors  to be about His business in this world!  Alert, persistently praying for their spiritual well being and effectiveness in this spiritual warfare! That they fight the good fight of faith! We are responsible to care for one another and one way is to Pray for one another! Not a mere “prayer list,” to work through but available and alert to pray throughout the day should they come to mind , offering up prayers for them . Turning your thoughts of people into Prayers for them!

PRAYER is not a playground or optional, but a battleground and is commanded!

Pray at all times…on every occasion…Stay alert…Be Persistent… in Your Prayers …For ALL Believers… Everywhere…and then Paul gives them an illustration of who and what to Pray for in verse 19 “…Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel”

Prayer is a gift from God for us to use in this spiritual war, which is what the context is of this verse. The temptation is to seek to get you to quit, to become “dull,” fall “asleep” spiritually to what is happening around you and to the welfare of others. Prayer is a weapon God gives you and every believer in this spiritual warfare you are involved in! Use it!

“What the Church needs today is not more machinery or better, not new organizations or more and novel methods, but men whom the Holy Ghost can use—men of prayer, men mighty in prayer. The Holy Ghost does not flow through methods, but through men. He does not come on machinery, but on men. He does not anoint plans, but men—men of prayer.”-{E.M. Bounds}

There is ALWAYS someone you can Pray for…Turn your thoughts of circumstances and people into Prayers. The wonderful truth is on all occasions and , anywhere you are you have access to God to pray to Him. You don’t have to get to a certain building, location to be able to pray. Wherever you are you have unlimited access to Him who loves you, listens to you and is able to answer. Pray on…there are People, fellow believers, who need our prayers. How do we know? God tells us in this verse to pray for them…Pray On!

The thought that came to me, “There’s no point in praying!” was simply a subtle but dangerous temptation, as it is an attack ultimately on God, that He cannot be trusted, His Word is not reliable,- an attack on GOD! Then it is a temptation to seek to cut me off from taking to and depending upon God and ultimately replace Him with my  leaning upon my own understanding – which is prohibited-{Prov 3:5-6}…or trust in something or someone else, who are inferior as neither me or they are GOD!

So the temptation was an ATTACK on the character of God and  To NEGLECT God’s means of Prayer to Him!

MEMORIZE HIS WORD; Think on it word by word, phrase by phrase , noting words repeated like “all” which is mentioned four times. Place the verse in a place you can see it, like on a bathroom mirror so as you brush your teeth you can read and the more you read the easier you will find to remember it and the Holy Spirit can remind you when tempted or when needed, to apply!

WHEN THE THOUGHT comes, and it will, “what’s the point of praying?’ Remind yourself of what God says from Epeshians 6:18 and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! It has nothing to do with how you feel but what He says!

You are in a  spiritual battle and God has gifted you access to Him through the means of Prayer!