“With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints,”-{Ephesians 6:18}

“Stand firm “ in verse 14 is a command -“DO this now,” It speaks of urgency! And the outworking of “STANDING FIRM,” is found in verse 18 with these two participles, “alert” and “prayers”. It means like a Roman soldier with spikes under his boots digs in, so you too dig in, hold your post by being spiritually alert, and not spiritually sleeping, or dulled, praying with urgency, with requests, petitions, made exclusively to God to meet the needs of fellow believers in this spiritual warfare, as the context of this passage is.

It is a ministry “ALL” believers are called to! Looking out caringly, lovingly, for one another, through praying for the welfare of one another. TURN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES AND THOUGHTS OF OTHERS INTO PRAYERS FOR THEM .

Note the word “ALL” is mentioned 4 Times in Ephesians 6:18

1. – Knowingly, – Because you can, you have a foe, to oppose you. “But God,” has given us the victory in His Son and we have the ability to “stand firm,” be alert and pray for all His people!

2.– Consistently,– “…at ALL times…”- an attitude of readiness. “Praying without ceasing” in 1 Thess 5:17 was used of “a hacking cough” that spoke of regular interruptions, so we too regularly are shooting up prayers to God, in the circumstances we find ourselves in with thoughts of people that come to mind, “at all times” covers the time we may speak to God about the matter concerning the spiritual well being of fellow believers! Thank God we are not given a specific time when we can only speak to Him but we have access full time to Him!

3.- Variety– “ALL prayer and petition pray at ALL times in the Spirit, “- Using the various types of prayers in your arsenal.

4.– Persistently– “Alert…with Perseverance.“ Don’t give up, or throw in the towel.

5.– Specifically– “for ALL the saints…” A life of loving care expressed in living a life of prayer is for “ALL’ Believers! it is a mutual ministry, believers praying for one another.

6.- Obediently-Because it is what the LORD desires for you, me and “ALL” believers to be doing!

 Prayer is a Privilege, prayer is a Responsibility  for all believers, including…me and…you! 

Are you “Standing Firm?” Being watchful for the care of others? Are you fulfilling your God given Privilege and Responsibility to other sisters and brothers in the faith by coming to God and praying for them?

You are not alone. Look again at the verse and notice the help, companionship of the Holy SPIRIT WITH YOU. Praying through His strength {Read Eph 1:16-23} and  as you pray  in submission to Him, His Word and use His Words to pray. Consider Paul’s prayers in Eph 1 and chapter 3, Phil 1:9-11; Col 1:1-14… and place the person’s name in the passage as you pray His Word which reveals HIS WILL.

Pray, Keep praying… as you do be assured you are DOING THE WILL OF GOD

Prayer is a Privilege, prayer is a Responsibility… both yours and mine. Be encouraged, pray on!