What a promise of comfort, exclusively for the follower of Christ we find in the phrase “WORK TOGETHER” which is found in Rom 8:28! The Greek word is “synergeo” is where we get out English word “synergy” from. This means all the elements, the different parts, the “bits and pieces” coming together, joining together, to combine a greater effect than can be combined by the individual parts. Which means to bring two or more things together for a positive end that could not be achieved individually or in isolation! This is what GOD does, He is causing “ALL THINGS to WORK TOGETHER…” toward a specific end and that is …for “Good!”

Someone has described it by using “SALT” as an illustration. which is made up of two chemicals, “Sodium” and “Chlorine.” these by themselves can be toxic, “The components of salt are sodium and chlorine, both of which are harmful for human consumption and even contact. Sodium requires great care when being handled. If it comes into contact with water, the reaction can be flammable, while powdered sodium has the potential to be combustible (explosive) in oxygen or air.    Chlorine, meanwhile, is an extremely caustic and dangerous substance. Chlorine is used primarily as a cleaning agent; it is commonly used in swimming pools to render them sanitary, but is mixed with other chemicals and diluted for these purposes. This is what makes it safe for people to swim in swimming pools.

Chlorine has also had other, more dangerous uses in the past. Chlorine is a toxic gas that is extremely harmful to the respiratory system and may also react with certain flammable materials. When chlorine reacts with the mucous of the lungs, it can create a potentially lethal compound known as hydrochloric acid. During World War I, chlorine gas was used by Germany as a chemical weapon. It only takes a few deep breaths of the gas, at a certain potency, to cause death. “-{Readworks.org} 

But when they are combined appropriately produce that which is beneficial…

Or consider another example…the ingredients of a cake, by themselves do not necessarily taste “good,” but when combined and baked at the right temperature, combine and work out that which is “useful, beneficial, profitable, good.” These are but illustrations in the physical to point to the spiritual realm where GOD Reigns and Is working “ALL THINGS together for good to those who love God and are the called…”


  • “That phrase work together is really one word—sunergeo—in Greek. We get our English word “synergy” from it. And what is synergy? It is what happens when you put two or more elements together to form something brand-new that neither could form separately… That’s synergy—the combination of many elements to produce a positive result. That’s what Paul means when he says that God causes all things to “work together.” Many of the things that make no sense when seen in isolation, are in fact working together to produce something good in my life. There is a divine synergy even in the darkest moments, a synergy which produces something positive. And that “good” that is ultimately produced could not happen any other way… (in Romans 8:29 Paul explains that) God has predestined you and me to a certain end. That certain end is the “good” of Romans 8:28. That certain end is that we might be conformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ… When Paul says that all things work together for good, he is not saying that the tragedies and heartaches of life will always produce a better set of circumstances. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But God is not committed to making you healthy, wealthy and wise. He is committed to making you like his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And whatever it takes to make you more like Jesus is good. So it is in the providence of God that we learn more in the darkness than we do in the light. We gain more from sickness than we do from health. We pray more when we are scared than when we are confident. “-{Ray Pritchard}

He intends from it “ALL” for your the SPIRITUAL “good,” of conforming us to the image of Christ. “GOOD” as GOD deems “good” from His Perspective. The eternal good for every believer is to be conformed to the image of Christ and to spend eternity with Him as Romans 8:29 teaches.

“GOOD.”- So here in Romans 8:28, it is “all” the different elements together of your life accomplishing one glorious end in God’s Economy- FOR your good! The Greek word “Agathos,”- “good,” means profitable, beneficial, useful! What a Promise. What a God! “… And we know that God causes all things to work together for good.”

“CAUSES,”– Look at the word “causes,” Who “causes?” God causes. How? Because He is Sovereign over all and providentially causes “all things” -“All,” oh how beautiful this word is. If He had just written “God causes things to work out for our good,” and left out the word “All,” we would be left guessing which “things?” Does it include the “thing” I am dealing with? And being human we would tend to come up with our own “list” of what “things.” But thank God He has included this sweet and powerful comforting word “ALL.” No matter what the “thing,” is, “God works all things together for Good,” and without limitations, reservations, or stipulations, nothing or no one can hinder Him to work it “all,” for our temporal but primarily our eternal good. Our assured eternal security of being with Him. Grammatically it is in the present tense and active voice, which means God is “continually” working all things together for good. This very moment and every moment He is working, continually so on your behalf! This is breathtaking to think about!

No matter what happens in this life including suffering, trials, martyrdom-{Hebrews 11:36-38}; He is working it all for “good, ” that which is “profitable, beneficial, and useful.”God will cause to work for “good.” Sometimes such as to deliver us from difficulties,-{2 Timothy 4:17-18} Sometimes to wean us from self-confidence to develop our dependence upon Him, -{Read 2 Cor:1-9}; Times to develop our spiritual maturity;-{1 Peter 5:10}; Times to benefit others for His sake. -{Phil 1:12-14}.

Times of great pain in this world, of loss, and sadness, is part and parcel of living in this fallen world, but there is a world to come that Paul has them look beyond their suffering- to where they will be with God, eternally secure, where neither, sorrow, nor death, nor sin will reign. But the bliss of being with Him, secure, safe for all eternity, free to worship and adore HIM! Look forward to that glorious, assured future with Him, which He guarantees! The ultimate “good,” God’s purpose is achieved!-{Romans 8:29-31}

No matter what we face He is continually working all things as He was in the background of Joseph’s life to bring about Good-{Genesis 50:20}; As He was in the life of the baby Moses, -{Hebrews 11:23-31}. God is providentially working all things towards His ultimate purpose and cannot be thwarted.

God will cause it “all” to work out for our spiritual, eternal good. Ultimately eternity with Him. This is His assurance to the suffering believer-{Romans 8:18-22, 29-30}.

“ALL THINGS” can be applied to all circumstances, in the context is referring to those experiencing adversity, going through difficulties, great pressures, suffering, and trials. To know you have the promise of Almighty God that He IS causing them all to work out for your “good!” “Things” in themselves do not work for our “good,” but God “causes”- He is the One who has the ability because of His Sovereignty to use “all things to work together for good…” NOTE, Paul does not say “all things are good,” for they are not! But “GOD causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, and are the called according to His purpose…”

  • There is nothing, that He cannot and will not be able to work together for your good. “…who are the called according to His purpose.” God has an eternal purpose, and the ability to accomplish it, and He cannot be thwarted. Troubles do not hinder God’s purpose or need not our progress in the faith, often they propel and He will accomplish His purpose, for He is God! It doesn’t mean it is easy or less painful but it does give us Divine perspective when we view it through the lens of Scripture.

“In a sermon on this passage called “Groanings Too Deep for Words,” John MacArthur explains that powerful promise this way:

 The point is this: Because of the plan of God and the provision of Christ and the protection of the Holy Spirit through His intercessory ministry, God is causing all things to work together for our final, eternal, ultimate good. Not everything in this life works out for good—far from it. Oh, you might draw a good lesson from it. You might draw a good outcome from it. You might be drawn to the Lord. It might increase your prayer life. It might strengthen you. It might give you patience. It might perfect you, mature you. It might make you able to counsel other people and strengthen them because . . . you’ve been comforted by God in the same struggles.

All of those are wonderful realities, but that’s not the good that’s being spoken of here. The good that dominates this passage is that ultimate, final good that is the glorification of true believers. We are secured to that final good, that which is the best.

In His providence, God is sovereignly orchestrating all events according to His will, for His glory and our good. But we’re not guaranteed that all our struggles will be turned into blessing. Sometimes He will rescue us from tragedies; other times it’s our suffering that brings about His desired result. Our perspective on His sovereign goodness cannot be bound to our own circumstances—if Joseph had remained in the Egyptian jail for the rest of His life, would God be any less good, or His will less than perfect?

What we are guaranteed in Romans 8:28 is that regardless of what we have to endure in this life, our eternity with Him is unassailable. Nothing can stand in the way of His plans for our future glorification.

And in the midst of life’s struggles, what better promise could we cling to?”


He promises that He causes ALL  things to “WORK TOGETHER,” – all of these things, cooperating, directing to one end, to produce one gloriously and Godly result- your “good,” both temporal and eternally. He is working “all” of them,…for our ultimate “good,” ultimately to conform us to the image of Christ. To make us more like Jesus Christ in the way we think, and act and to one day spend eternity with Him!– {Read Rom 8:28-29}.

We may not understand nor see how all these things in our life can work out for good, but He does. Ours is to trust Him, His is to fulfill His Promise to us. And He will! Rest on His Promise-and that ultimate good is His fulfilling His purpose to spend it with Him!

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”-{Rom 8:28}

God Bless,