We may not always perceive God at work in and through our lives but we can be assured He is always working!

“For it is God who is at work IN you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure…”- {Phil 2:13}

For approximately twenty years a missionary was confined to her bed, yet in that time she wrote hymns, and books, and long after her passing into HIS presence He has sustained, preserved and promoted her writings into the hands of generations who have benefited. Who could have looked at her circumstances and have perceived what God was going to do from a sick bed to benefit future generations through her? “But God…” was at work! His plan included future generations, future continents, way beyond her physical scope to be impacted! Her illness was designed, for God is King, and Sovereign over all! { “…The LORD said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the LORD?” – {Exodus 4:11}

We too often look at our circumstances as thought these define us, 

when at times God is using them to refine us 

and to display Himself to us and through us and to benefit others… 

ultimately, for “…His good Pleasure!” 

God is at work IN you!

GOD IS WORKING IN YOUR LIFE…. You Keep walking by faith in Him and doing the next thing before you, Do it right, Do it unto Him… and rest in the fact that everything He begins He finishes. He INITIATED Your Salvation, He SUSTAINS it. He will COMPLETE it. That is His Promise to you!!

  1. THINK ON HIMand His Promise. Hide it in your heart. Write the verse out , memorize it so the Holy Spirit can remind you and also to USE YOU to remind others GOD IS AT WORK IN THEM… WHY? “…For HIS Good Pleasure!”
  2. THANK Him for His Undertaking and Promise in Phil 2:13
  4. TESTIFY OF HIM AND HIS PROMISE– to another. You never memorize or read just for you. Ezra 7:10 is a great verse regarding this truth. He hid His Word in His heart to know God, obey God and teach others of God….Have you ever noticed times you have been encouraged, warned, etc, all by reading, hearing, sharing or been the recipient of someone else doing so? Today PRAY ASK Him to encourage you{Rom 15:4-5} and the opportunity to share Phil 2:13 with another to encourage them that GOD IS WORKING….IN… THEM… as He Promised…

Thankful to Him….

Though we may not perceive God at work in us we can be assured based NOT on what we SEE but what He SAYS… He is working IN us …for His good pleasure! And therefore we are to continue to “walk by faith and not by sight”-{2 Cor 5:7}…