I found some old thoughts I had scribbled down a while ago… on “TROUBLES.” Troubles are inevitable, “when” not “if” but “when” you encounter trials. -{James 1:2}. Troubles of “various” types.-{James 1:2}. Troubles are “common” not exclusive to you or me alone. -{1 Cor 10:13}. But in our troubles we are offered hope from His Word to know God is sovereign, in control and working all things including this very thing you or I am encountering for our ultimate good and His honor, and to know Him better and change us by conforming us to the image of Christ and enabling us to spread His Fame and Name in the circumstances we find ourselves in -{Phil 1:12-14}.
Hopefully this may be a good Bible study for you, to look at each of the verses and be encouraged.

Troubles-can be used to…

  1. REVEAL what is in us by our responses-{John 6:1-5; Daniel 1:8};
  2. WEAN us from self reliance to God dependency-{2 Cor 1:9};
  3. SHAPE us-{Rom 5:3-4};
  4. MATURE us-{James 1:2-5};
  5. WISDOM imparted- Make us wiser -{James 1:5}
  6. OPPORTUNITIES to TESTIFY; {1 Pet 3:15; Phil 1:12-14; Daniel 6:};
  7. POINT us To Jesus Christ; {John 6:6. 2 Cor 12:8-9};
  8. ASSURE us- {Hebrews 13:5}
  9. LOVED -{Rom 8:31-39}. The lie we are tempted or chose to believe is that God does not love us otherwise He would not allow us to go through this.It’s a Lie. God loves you eternally loved- {Rev 1:5-6}
Though these are not all, they can help us and the words I have highlighted may be good to help you help others
  • God bless and encourage you in your troubles. God will and IS working them all out for good -{Rom 8:28-29}