“...These things happened that we might not Rely on ourselves But on God, who raises the dead.”-{2 Cor 1:9}.

“These things Happened.” Note, the Divine purpose… 1. – “that we might NOT RELY on ourselves.” 2. – “But on GOD, who raises the dead.” God WEANS us from Self Reliance to God Dependency! Why? Because it is the only safe place, and relying on self is foolishness while to rely on God and His Omnipotent power as He has demonstrated He has the power that can raise the dead. Self’s impotency verses God’s Power… hmmn‚Ķ which should we choose? Rely on self or rely on God, who holds our very breath in His hands, who has saved us… and when Paul wrote these words he was testifying one reason he and his friends went through “these things” was to keep them from trusting self, wean them off self reliance and increasingly depend upon God! And at times God uses circumstances,” These Things…” to bring about our real need is to trust Him and not self!

We so often fall back into trusting ourselves…and it is to lean on impotency!

God uses circumstances, difficulties, not to drive us away but draw us closer in leaning in on Him, developing our faith…to lean in to Him as a child would cling to a parent in times of thunder and lightening. Clinging to the one they know loves and cares for them and whom they TRUST.

While we often want God to change our circumstances– nothing wrong with that, at times God is using the circumstances to reveal our need is… that we be changed from self reliance to God dependency!

In these present times, difficulties of “These Things” do you find yourself relying on your self or on God who raises the dead? If so what would God have you do from this verse?”…not rely on self but on God who raises the dead.”

Sometimes as difficult, painful, scary as “these things ” are we can THANK HIM that because of “THESE THINGS” we have seen our misplaced faith in self, which we saw and His solution for us and graciousness like the child in the thunder storm that we can run to Him and rely on Him and His power to meet us and in Him is the safest place!