God Controls The Temperature In The Fire!

“And not only this, but we also exult in our Suffering{ tribulations,} knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance;and perseverance, proven character; …”-{Romans 5:3}

“Suffering produces…Proven Character…”

 Suffering speaks of great pressure, tribulations which means that which brings about distress. It is a great pressure. it was used of squeezing the oil from olives, in olden times in England it was used of placing a person flat on their back and placing such as large boulders on their chest in order to force them to confess to a crime and if not the share weight would crush the person. this is the idea in suffering, tribulation, it is crushing!

The word “produces” is an insightful and encouraging word to us as it is used with an end in sight, to bring something about, an end in view, and we read that God’s end in view for His own in seasons of suffering, tribulations, is not our destruction but our spiritual development! And for this we can rejoice, exult, in triumphant confidence, as we have reason in our pain to see and understand God’s overall purpose to bring about through our suffering and tribulations!

“And perseverance produces proven character.” The word “proven” was used of metal such as steel that was put through the fire to strengthen it! It is put through a specific amount of heat and carefully observed so as to produce the desired effect of making it stronger, strengthening it.

God uses trials, the fiery trials to strengthen our faith! He controls the thermostat, and keeps a close, personal loving eye upon us. “His eye is on the righteous…”-{1 Peter 3:12}. Hagar fled and though no one saw her, but the LORD let her know He did. He was present. He sees our struggles, pain, and He assures us He is with us never to leave us. In times of suffering the writer of Hebrews assures the sufferings ones that God will never leave or abandon them for such can be a temptation in time of suffering, “God has left me, abandoned me, where is He?”But He assures the suffering one, “…God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”-{Read Heb 13:5} And “proven” character is that which He “approves.” That which has been through the fire of testing and approved of! He has held up Job as an example for us, “We give great honor to those who endure under suffering. For instance, you know about Job, a man of great endurance.”-{James 5:11 NLT}.

God takes His servants through trials not to destroy them but develop them and also to put them on display. Endurance is developed in the furnace of affliction. It is staying power. Like an athlete who goes through weeks of pre-season to get them physically in shape, stronger, so as to compete at their highest ability when the season starts. Pre- season is no fun. There is pain, but there is benefit that is produced through the training and pain! And so the athlete has to keep the end of pre- season in sight- they will be stronger and in better shape for it! So God, in the spiritual realm is producing perseverance, strengthening our faith, mind- set, to endure, persevere during the storms of life, not giving up, not relying on self but On God, His Word to govern, guide, encourage us-{Read Romans 15:4}. He has gifted us His Spirit to enlighten, empower, and assure us we are loved by Him in our sufferings, tribulations, times of great pressure, at times crushingly so!

When we forget the end we end up complaining, despairing, anxious and fearful. The end is what effect God is producing using our sufferings, tribulations to bring about, accomplish. Don’t forget the end!

We can “exult, rejoice boast, joyfully confident”in the fact we know what God’s aim at in our suffering, tribulation, trial is…. For Good… to strengthen us spiritually, mentally and to mature us. The thing we dislike is one of the things GOD is working out for good to those who love God and are the called!- {Read Romans 8:28-29}.

People think that Troubles at best are to be endured, as graciously and if you can do it with dignity and get through them as best as you can until they pass, you have done as well as can be expected!  And then as if it were come up for air as though you have been submerged under water, but Paul say’s they are not merely to be endured, but to be GLORIED in and this because we know what God is doing. To Him we look and have reason to REJOICE in our troubles as we are His, our Future is bright, our future is Christ! And presently He is with us, working for us and in us… to bring about a good and Godly end!

 The Rejoicing is not in the sufferings themselves but in the  LORD of our circumstances and the effects they produce!