Consider an old Oak Tree standing in the storms, winds and gales, howling and pushing against the branches and tree but finding it may bend but will not break, it stands erect, solid, because of it’s deep roots that go down into the earth gripping the foundation which holds it fast! Yes, there may be scars on the tree but that only shows the storms it has been in and withstood!

In the “Storms of life” you encounter… Persevere…Faithfully endure and remain steadfast, loyal under pressure,in the face of opposition, temptation…Stand strong “in the Lord,”…Keep going forward by faith doing what is right… not bending to sin or compromising with sin, self, or the world’s system opposed to the LORD Jesus. Persevere, “…For Jesus sake”-{2 Cor 4:5}

Perseverance is the ability to PROGRESS in spite of troubles, triumphantly!

One way we “Persevere” is through Prayer-{Read Luke 18:1-8}. When the “winds of unbelief,” discouragement, fears, compromise with sin, tempt to throw in the towel and quit, etc. would seek to tear you down, slow you down, divert you, and cause you to stop living to Honor God… use His means to strengthen you to continue faithfully Persevering by availing of Prayer… persevere… Don’t give up, but LOOK UP… He is willing you on, He will empower you to go on… and on you will go by faith.”For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”-{Phil 2:13}. And it “pleases Him” for you to Persevere, not in your own strength, for we all know we cannot, but in dependence upon Him, His strength by His Spirit empowering us to do His will! -{Phil 2:13}

Is Perseverance Important, or optional, maybe not even necessary? Hebrews 10:36 says we need endurance, perseverance in order to do the will of God!!

And if you have stopped “persevering?” Examine what it took to stop you, Learn from it, if it is a sin issue, confess it and START AFRESH… you can Persevere…in these testing times you find yourself in.

Paul wrote “we exult” the word speaks of “Joyful confidence” of what we can know about troubles, he said”we exult because we KNOW that tribulations {great sufferings} produce... PERSEVERANCE”. So even your troubles God is using for “Good,” just as He promised {Rom 8:28}.

Perseverance is not gritting your teeth and somehow getting through it, but advancing because of what we “know” to “be fully aware” that GOD Says these “tribulations” will produce in us “perseverance.” The word speaks of “cheerful endurance, constancy.” -{Read Rom 5:3-4}

As weight-lifting strengthens the muscles in the physical body, God uses difficulties to strengthen our “spiritual muscles” and “produce” in us “Perseverance” to spiritually strengthen us to continually go forward by faith, steadfastly enduring opposition, difficulties, with confident delight in the LORD who is in control and working all things, including the difficult things, trials, to work together for good, and ultimately His honor in our lives.-{Read Rom 5:3-4;James 1:2-5; Rom 8:28.}

Right Response to trials brings about “Perseverance” according to James 1:2-5!

God is using the “storms” of life to strengthen the small tree He is growing up into a Big old sturdy Oak tree in the faith!

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”-{James 1:12}