‘And He said to all, “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”-{Luke 9:23}

To “deny yourself” is not to “give up “something” like sweets, candy, for a a set period of time… but to give up “on self” and give self over to the LORD Jesus. Submitting self to the absolute authority of Another, the LORD Jesus Christ.

It’s not about coming to Jesus so He may be your servant, but you abandoning yourself, dreams, desires, the authority to run your own life, plans in order to seek to be a man, woman boy, girl, INTENT on following Jesus which implies to…

Self-denial, “arnēsasthō,” is a very strong expression, literally “to disown something.” It was used to describe you refusing to associate with someone. Wanting nothing to do with them Not wanting their companionship. You need to refuse to associate with yourself. It is no longer self-gratification, self-exaltation, self first, self, self, self as the center and exalting crown of your living. You come to Jesus and say I no longer want to be associated or have companionship with myself I want You to be my all and all. SELF DENIAL- in exchange for CHRIST EXALTED in your body whether by life or by death is your new pursuit- {Read Phil 1:20!}

** DENYING SELF It involves an attitude towards self of death to self-will, self-interest, and self-seeking. Jesus says in this verse to keep on denying self – (Luke 9:23)  The “way of the cross” is the way of death to our own interests, to prefer others for Jesus sake! -{Read 2 Cor 4:5}

**  DENYING SELF- IS TO LIVE TO BE AN OTHERS-CENTERED PERSON,  FOR JESUS SAKE!– { Read Phil 2:3-4; 2 Cor 4:5}.  Not perfection but a new direction in thinking and doing!

We live in a world where “self-promotion, self-esteem, self first and foremost saturates the airwaves, magazines, books etc,. Jesus says to “DENY”- Disown self. Self as one’s “savior,” as one’s own “Lord,” as self-sufficiency and the focus and center of life. Self is to be disowned, denied, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life- all that this world seeks to promote and uphold as what “true” life is about and which desires to suck you into their value system as the way of life is to be identified, renounced, disowned. No more, by God’s grace will the occupation of self as preeminent and earthly things be my occupation. You get to the place where you are sick of your sin, your own ways, the futility of your life’s pursuits, you want to be free from the bondage of self as “king” with all its entrapment and enticements to sin that leave you further in guilt and enslaved to sin. You have had enough! Self-fulfillment is no longer my goal but I continually choose SELF-DENIAL in order to be about the business of Jesus. No more will I live for those but rather I will deny myself, for Jesus Himself and His cause. IT IS NOT ABOUT SELF-FULFILLMENT BUT SELF-DENIAL- in order to pursue and accomplish CHRIST’S DESIRE’S, CHRIST’S GOALS, AND CHRIST’S WILL AS PRIMARY IN MY LIFE. “For me to live is CHRIST…”{Phil 1:21}.”SET YOUR AFFECTIONS ON THINGS ABOVE WHERE CHRIST IS SEATED…”{Col 3:1-3.} LIFE IS CHRIST…!

 It is not self-denial as an end to itself, but the central self the “will,”- as a means to an end. which is lovingly following Jesus!

Self-esteem? whether it be “healthy” or “poor” self-esteem is an inordinate preoccupation with SELF and is spiritual bondage! No to self, but yes to Christ’s esteem of who you now are in relation to Him. View the phrases,” IN HIM…THROUGH HIM”  as you read and underline in Ephesians 1:3-13}. And note in verse 3 the response is to “Bless, Praise speak well of- HIM! Your esteem is based on God’s esteeming you as a result of His Son Jesus! As a result, you are free to think and practice your living to esteem others more highly than yourself… and you are their servants for Christ’s sake.” {Read Phil 2;3-4; 2 Cor 3:5}