“We can exult…Knowing that Sufferings,{Tribulations} PRODUCE…
Perseverance,… proven character… Hope that does not disappoint…”-{Romans 5;3-4}

When we forget “the end,” we end up complaining, anxious, fearful, and even despairing.“The end” is what EFFECT God is “producing” using our sufferings, tribulations, to bring about, accomplish. His “End” is to produce,” Perseverance,Proven Character, Hope,” in You! God is making an investment in your life and “producing” something good and Godly, using suffering and tribulations to that end.

“Exult “-And this is why we can adopt the attitude and choose to Exult in God, Rejoice, Boast as the word means, to triumphantly and confidently boast. Because we Know the end result, the desired EFFECT God has in mind for us!

So look at the struggles you are in and from this text what  are the three qualities God is desiring to “Produce” in you? Are you looking long term, to His End for you from your present pressure, trial?

Keep the BIG picture in mind in your struggles…

Don’t forget the end! 🙂