“Blessed is the man…”



Psalm 1 gives some great insight, it compares the righteous to the ungodly. The chapter begins with “Blessing” and ends with “perishing.” The first Psalm contrasts between those who are in right relationship with God and those who are not right with God. The first chapter deals with God and eternity!

“Blessed” translates the Hebrew word “esher,” which has the idea of ~happiness or contentment.Esher comes” from the Hebrew word “ashar,” which in its root means “to be straight” or “to be right.” Blessed is the man speaks of the happiness, the blessedness, the contentment in the life of the man or woman who is right or “straight” with God. 

The righteous man will be a blessed man, a happy man.” – {Guzik.}. “The first verse begins with “blessed,” which in Hebrew is a plural of intensity and may be rendered, “Oh, how truly happy is the person!” or “Oh, the happiness of the person!” The word stems from a verb meaning to go on or advance. If you want to advance to the fullest measure of happiness, the psalmist is going to tell you how.” {Cole} “Blessed means supremely happy or fulfilled. In fact, in Hebrew the word is actually a plural, which denotes either a multiplicity or blessings or an intensification of them.” (Boice)

The “Blessed ” {v1} person, the word being plural, Oh the many, many blessedness’s, true happiness of soul is the one in verse one who has spiritual discernment and makes choices based on truth. In verse 2,”The Blessed one “is known by what they “DELIGHT” in, “who delights in the Law of the LORD and in His law he “meditates” day and night.” The “Law of the Lord” was a Jewish phrase for the Scriptures. The truly happy person is one who has a high and Heavenly view of the importance of the Word of God. This is what keeps them from compromising with sin in {v1.}. They see things clearly and make choices based on what is right from God’s perspective, and as the choices are made we see the “delight” is found in the Word of God and the fruit is he “meditates” on it day and night. Meditation is to reading what digestion is to the body.



“walk” speaks of lifestyle, direction, the ungodly have counsel. The type of “counsel,” which does not bow to God as Maker and Redeemer. it may be considered “wise” by the worlds system, DEVOID of God, it may be elevated, and mimicked and held up  in esteem for others in what is to be valued in life and how to “live” life from a humanistic view.. Paul In Colossians 2 calls it “vain”- empty, hollow philosophies based on the traditions of mankind rather than Christ. It is foolish for the soul to submit to such hollow, Christless vain philosophies. It will lead to Hell. Eternal damnation.

The word, “Wicked” or “The Un-Godly,” is the word “Rasha…” and means,“One who is in a wrong state towards God or man.” The word means “Criminal, evil, un-Godly… “ It denotes the category of people who have done wrong, are still living in sin and are intent on continuing wrong doing.” Wrong doing or being in the wrong it is a legal term.” The word, “WICKED” comes from a Hebrew word meaning, “Lose” or “Out Of Joint.”

The “wicked,” are those who are out of joint with God and His ways. They are found legally spiritually wanting by the Judge of all the earth! They are set on a course which is evil from God’s perspective and is spiritually criminal.” The Blessed individual does not seek their counsel from those who are “out of joint” with God! The “Blessed” ones are not so! They have discernment and they are careful in choosing their friends, influences!

 The Wicked have counselors. They have their own authorities…Where might you find some.

Eccl 8:14 “the deeds of the Wicked”

Dan 9:15  “The Wicked will Act Wickedly”- That is their nature, they behave wicked and ungodly because they are wicked!

Consider some characteristics of the wicked, un-godly.

Characteristics of the wicked;

1.The Wicked do not seek God -Ps 10:4

2.  They are Haughty    -Ps 10:13

3. They love violence   -Ps 11:5

4. They opposes the righteous -Ps 17:9

5. They do not repay his debts  – Ps 37:21

6. They are schemers       -PS 2:6-10

7.   The wicked are deceitful  – Prov. 12:5

8.   They act disgustingly     -Prov 13:5

9.    Their  thoughts are wicked  – Jeremiah 4:14

10.  Their mouth pours out  evil -Prov 15:28

11.   They spread iniquity  -Prov 19:28

12.   They increase in Transgression  -Prov 29:16

In thought, Word, deed, motivations – they are manifested by the way they live.

The Wicked is like the tossing sea -Isaiah : 57:20 –  be quiet and it’s water’s toss up refuse and mud.” – Unstable! -It’s contaminated!

  • The Wicked have no peace  – Ish 57:21
  • The Wicked are to be warned  -Ez 3:18, 33:8
  • Let the Wicked forsake his ways -Ish:55:7
  • The Wicked will come to ruin-he will die!  -Ez 33:11
  • The Wicked can turn and Live – Ez 33:11

The ways of the Wicked are Darkness- psalm 119:

LOOK AGAIN- at what characterizes the “wicked, ungodly,” why would the “Blessed” man or woman not avoid their counsel!

Who are the Wicked ? Those who are living unlike God , Spiritual “criminals,”

 Can they be socially acceptable? Yes…can they be wealthy? Yes! Can they be highly educated in the system of the world? Yes! Can they be thought of highly in the community? Yes! At the same time it can be said of one who is poor, middle class, uneducated book wise. We tend to view people from their standing of power, prestige and possessions they have, so goes our “esteem” and the amount of value we put on them. Our ignorance of looking on “successful, wealthy”people and to view them of having it all can be born from a faulty perception of what is truly to be valued! It is to view life as though God does not exist and if He does, He is not to be honored, submitted to. He is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with SOCIAL STANDING but everything to do with God’s SPIRITUAL Standard…the Condition of their Heart. “The heart is WICKED and deceitful ‘-  The heart of the problem is the heart. Who we are at the core of our being- wicked, un-godly people. All of us have fallen short of the glory of God. There is none of us who does right from a heart of love for God. None does right, as God’s standard of right is, which is perfection to His standard… no not one of us. It is only the grace of God and the mercy of God that causes any of us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead {1 Peter 1:3}. With this new heart, we now have the capacity to make spiritual decisions and to know who and what to avoid when it comes to whom we will get our spiritual counsel from!

Who are “the Wicked ?” Those who are refusing to love and live in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ who is GOD!

The Blessed man does not Walk in the counsel of the Un-Godly/Wicked… in his plans  or counsel…is not INFLUENCED BY him or her…because their THINKING and ACTS  are ungodly…they do Not THINK IN AGREEMENT WITH GOD NOR DO THEY ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOD…


Note the progression into sin. First there was “walking” now there is “standing.” The person is now giving more time has stopped and drinking in the ungodly counsel and now standing – THEY have stopped. Their attention has been perked. They have slowed down and their attention has been got and they are becoming more at home with what has been said and the ways of the spiritual criminal;, the wicked, the un-Godly.”

The Hebrew word for “Stand “has the idea of …COMING AND TAKING ONES STAND.

The Word, “PATH” comes from the meaning “A MARKED OUT PATH, A CERTAIN AND PRECISE WAY OF LIFE.”

From Walking and  Associating to TAKING ONES STAND in ADOPTING a certain and Precise way  OF Living…Note the Progression of Compromise…The casual Passer by before you know it SLOWS DOWN and is TAKING his or her STAND as a Way of a Sinful  Life…”

“SINNERS”– means those who have missed the mark. Imagine an archer shooting his arrow towards a target and missing it completely! This is what “sinner” means, ” to miss the mark.” They have missed the mark of living in loving submission to God. They have missed the mark from doing all that they do for the honor, glory of God! They have missed the mark  in loving others without any self seeking motive but the other’ individual’s highest good, for God’s glory. Sinners sin  because we all were born with sinful natures, “There are none good no not one, there is none that seek God, no not one…” Romans 3. Until we see we have missed the mark of what God desires and in and of ourselves we are impotent in being right with God apart from turning to Him in true repentance and trusting solely in the Work of Jesus Christ alone to rescue us from the wrath of God and the penalty of our sin against God! As we submit to Him on those terms He begins to work in us new desires, new goals, our life takes a new direction { not perfection but direction- to live to please Him, love Him, Love others.}

Sinners have a Path they live on…

Proverbs 1:10 “Entice you to do evil” –  As in the case of Potiphar’s wife who sought to “entice” Joseph into adultery and sinning against God!

John 1:15    – un-Godly sinners speak against Him

Hebrews 10:26 – Willfully sin.-  They choose to.

Proverbs 1:10  – “My son if sinners entice you, do not consent…”

Proverbs   1:15-16 – “ Do not walk in the same way. Keep your feet from their path.For their feet run to evil And  they hasten to shed blood  .”



“Nor Sit in the seat of SCOFFERS .”

 Scoffers have a seat -It is the place they gather and back each other up in mocking, scoffing the things of God and God Himself! “Professing to be wise they became fools.” – Rom 1

Seat = can also be used for “assembly.”  “Scoffer”, Lit. a prim root; to scorn: make a mockery, scorn, deride, carry on as scoffers. “The crowning of this awful declension is Sitting, as in one’s habitual place., among scorners, 2 Pet3:3, Ish 5:19, Ps 1:20, 

  SCOFFERS… consider what God says about him/her

 Scoffer= Lit. a prim root; to scorn: make a mockery, scorn, deride, carry on as scoffers.

 Scoffers are Characterized by;

Proverbs 21:24 “Scoffers act with insolent Pride.”

Prov 1:22 –  they DELIGHT in scoffing -Its Fun

Prov 13:1 – “A scoffer does not listen to rebuke.”

Luke 16:14 – Pharisees were mocking Jesus Teaching

2 Chronicles 36:16 – “And the Lord the God of their fathers sent Word again and Again by His Messengers, because He had compassion on His People But they continually MOCKED the MESSENGERS  Word and scoffed at His Prophets.”

What Three things did the SCOFFER/MOCKER do?

1. Mocked the Messengers of God

2. Despised THE MESSAGE /Word of  Word

3. Scoffed at His Prophets-

1 Corinthians 15:33 -“ DO NOT BE DECEIVED…Bad character CORRUPTS good morals.”

Prov 3:34 –  If you scoff you alone will bear it  -Prov 9:12

Judgments are prepared for scoffers  -Prov 19:29

“Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come, and following their own {evil } desires. They will say, “What happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again? From before the times of our ancestors, everything has remained the same since the world was first created.” – 2 Pet 3:3-4 ..they attack the Word of God, mocking it characterized by their own EVIL desires, and the Character of God…another Sign the last days are nearer

* In your own words list the types of “Counsel” the “Un-Godly” or “wicked” might give on different subjects.

* Consider it is always not from God’s Perspective.

Here we now have the permanent position they can be found in –“sits”- here, is where they can be found. Settled down permanently keeping company with “scoffers” other mockers of God, His Word, His messengers. Evil desires within them that comes out in mocking!

If you want to be UNHAPPY-

1. – Then Continue on the life of a “spiritual criminal, ungodly, wicked” individual who WALKS with other like minded people. – {As mentioned in v 1-}

2. – Continue to slow down and  STAND in the same paths of intent as sinners.

3. –  Continue to SIT and gather and associate with those who are mockers of God, His Word, His messengers- and you will be an individual devoid of  spiritual contentment and happiness’s. And in the end, because you have chosen to take your stand against God. In eternity God takes His stand against you! It is time to take inventory and turn to God for forgiveness and trust Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior and Advocate. In submitting to Him totally, you will be transferred from one of eternal loss to one of eternal gain!


Oh the blessedness’s, of the true happiness many times over of the Blessed individual who Is Content and straight with God! He or she has discernment– to be able to discern between the things of God and those who are opposed to God! The Blessed one does not walk- stand- sit- as the progression of sin in the passage shows- with those opposed to God and this “blessed.”

Their counsel and “delights” is in the law of the Lord and in the law of the LORD and the fruit is that they “meditate” on the Word of The LORD. They find great delight, emotional pleasure in it and causes them to mediate over and over on it and they give their thinking to it, pondering it and talking to themselves about it. And note it is not sporadic but a constancy, consistently, “Day and night.”-{verse 2}

Discernment comes from the LORD and the exercise of it is what the BLESSED One does!

How To Be Happy, Happy, happy!- Choose to live life God’s Way. They are characterized by…

– Spiritual Discernment -v 1

– Delighting and doing God’s Word. – v2

– Developing spiritually -v3