Thank You LORD for Your Affection,Assurance, acceptance. Thank You for Your blessings, blood, cleansing, care. Thank You for Deliverance from the wrath of God, delighting in me. Thank YOU for Encouraging me. Thank You for Your Friendship, Forgiveness and Favor upon me. Thank You for continually being Good to me, for Your Gentleness, Graciousness. Thank YOU for Your Help, Hope, Intimacy, illuminating Your Word to me. Thank You for Your Kindness. Thank You for your Love, life, liberty, light. Thank You for your Mercies which are new every morning. Thank You that Your Nearness is my good; That I am Never alone. Thank You for meeting my Needs. Thank You for Your Omnipresnce, omnipotence. Thank YOU for Your Presence, Promises, Provision, Power. Thank You for Redemption, Rest, Re assurance, Salvation, strength that is sufficient and placing a song in my heart, and for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Truth, Your Tenderness, Transferring me from darkness to light. Thank You for Your Unchanging character, for our Unbreakable Union. Thank You for Your Victorious train I follow in. Thank YOU For Your Wisdom- Thank YOU, LORD!

“OH GIVE THANKS to The LORD, FOR He is GOOD, His Love endures forever.”-{Ps 107:1}

“In Everything GIVE Thanks for This IS the will of God for you in Christ.”-{1 Thess 5:18}

“Open my eyes that I might see Wonderful things from Your Word.”-{Psalm 119:18}.

Thanks is the will of God {1 Thess 5:18;} Thanks Glorifies Him {Luke 17:15-18}; Thanksgiving enables us to stay alert in Prayer {Col 4:2}. Thanksgiving is an Anxiety Buster and the pathway to His …Peace- {Phil 4:6-7}

Give Him thanks…