We can Talk About Prayer, Champion Prayer, Read About Prayer, Agree We Should Pray, but There Is No Substitute To DO Prayer. Sometime It Is as Simple and Yet Profound as “Help LORD!”

We can listen to sermons on prayer, debate the points, tell others they need to pray, we may say we believe in prayer but the question is- “Do You Pray?”

We falsely believe if we can get enough people to “pray” what we want that somehow God can be manipulated or is obligated to give the answer we demand, based on ..the numbers! We “appeal” to how many people we have “praying!”
“..This, then, is how you should pray:
‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be YOUR name,
YOUR kingdom come,
YOUR will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven..”-{Matt 6:9-10}.

Prayer is Not Something To check off as a Religious assignment to keep God on your side and off your back, keeping you away from trials, difficulties, or bad things happening but rather prayer is to see God Exalted, Honored, Admired and Followed!

Prayer is Not something to do for the sake of it, but Someone to meet With! {Matt 6:6}

Prayer’s alternative is to spiritually collapse/faint -Luke 18:1

Pray or Spiritually Pass Out! -{Read Luke 18:1}

Pray About Everything! {Phil 4:6}

Remember Prayer IS Not To Have God align Up With Our Will, But For us to align up with His!
“…Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be YOUR name,
YOUR kingdom come,
YOUR Will be Done
On earth as it is in Heaven –{Matt 6:9-10}