“On my knees in my heart,” was the reply I gave someone when they asked how I was. Battling on my knees in my heart before Him in prayer.

“On my knees in  my heart,” is the posture of the heart, kneeling as it were before the Greatness of God in whom we live and move and have our being, with reverential respect towards Him, realizing He is God and worthy of worship, submission and  respect.

Wherever you find yourself, the posture of your heart can and must always be in the place of submission, adoration and ready to intercede for others before God or cry out for them and at times for your self.


“On my knees in my heart,” is the picture of your attitude. “Man looks at the outward but God looks at the heart”- your heart, my heart. We are never so tall as when we are on our knees it has been said, but it is not the posture of the body but of the heart that counts.

We are to “pray without ceasing… for this IS the will of God for you in Christ”- 1 Thess 5:17-19. The term “without ceasing” was used to speak of “a hacking cough.” You know when flu season comes along, people get colds and often clear their airways with a cough. It is not continuous twenty four hours a day but it has REGULAR INTERRUPTIONS. So the picture in prayer is “regular interruptions,” being God conscious, others conscious.


CIRCUMSTANCES; In the circumstances you find yourself in, turning what you see or hear into prayers to God.  The sound of a “siren,” can be a reminder to pray for those who may have been hurt or ill, that if they do not know the One True Living God, to come to know Him personally though Jesus Christ. Those who go to the  scene may come to know Him if they do not or if they do that they would be of a great help to those who need help. This is but one example.

MOM’S ; For a mom who may have children and spends her time washing dishes or loads of laundry, each place she works in serving them can be turned into a place of prayer to God for people. Each station of service can be turned into a place of prayer!

DAD’S; We need pray for the souls of those entrusted to us. No matter how far they may wander we must keep them before the Lord and persevere in prayer, to do what alone He can do- raise them from spiritual death to newness of life. We must not end our prayers in discouragement over what we “see” or don’t “see” but by faith we see Him who is able to save to the uttermost! We end with, “But God…” {See Eph 2:1-5}

 CHILDREN; No mater how young or old you are, you can pray for your parents, you can pray for your siblings, you can be on your knees in your heart no mater where you are for them and others. Take up the mantle and choose to be  persons of prayer!

GRANDPARENTS; You can play such a vital role in the lives of family, grand-children and  their parents. Distance may separates you from them but nothing separates you from the Throne of Grace. Yours is such a privilege to stand in the gap for these generations!

STUDENTS; For the student, he or she can look around and pick out class mates to pray to God on their behalf.

SINGLES; Irrespective of your age, you too “In Christ,” have been afforded the privilege to pray. Your “singleness” allows you to focus on spiritual things!

SPORTS; For the coach or athlete, those on the team become opportunities  for you to be “on my knees in my heart” before God for them.

WORK PLACE; In the place you work, there are opportunities to pray for those whom you work with or come across your path, you can be “on your knees in your heart.” for the people you work with.

CONGREGATIONS; For those who sit in the pew and listen to a message, this too can be a “trigger” a “reminder” to pray for the pastor, speaker and their family as they are often under such spiritual attack to try and shut them up, discourage them where they “give up,” disheartened.- We must choose to ‘be on our knees in our heart,” before God for them.”

PRAYER IS A PRIVILEGE; We, through the finished work of the Lord Jesus have been granted unlimited access to God and we must avail of this privilege which cost the Lord Jesus His life. he arose on the third day that we will not die in our sins because He paid for all our sins and now we are “free” to love God and serve God through our prayers to God.


We are not called to a place but to a Person  and we can pray wherever we find ourselves in. It is not,”I need to get to such and such a place to pray,” but we are always in His presence and through the blood of the Lord Jesus we have  access and as His redeemed people we can pray, talk to God , speak well of Him, cast cares upon him, cry out to hm for others. Ours is a life of privilege – to speak to God on behalf of others been a pert of it!



We can pray and we must do no less than pray. Prayer is not the last thing, it is to be  the first thing,  {See 1 Timothy 2:1 } The primary thing {See Colossians 4:2} while “On my knees on my heart. You are  to be “on your knees in your heart” with regular interruptions going up to God in reverence, praise and cries for help, or thanksgivings or adoration occupied with His character, trusting in His promises, worship and adoration to Him through Jesus our Lord.

“On my knees in  my  heart” speaks of a CONVERTED heart by God through repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

“On my  knees in my heart”– speak of a  SUBMISSIVE heart to God.

“On my  knees in my  heart” speak of a DEPENDENT heart upon God. A heart of faith fixed on the One who alone is faithful, whose Word is true, and promises to be appropriated.

“On my knees in my heart” speak of an EXPECTANT heart looking to God to do what only He can do.


“On my  knees in my  heart” speak of DEVOTED heart for God.

 “On my  knees in my  heart,” is the ATTITUDE to be in wherever you are, whatever you do throughout your day or night. Available, Actively involves in living and observing life in light of eternity.

The proud stand erect in their heart, the humble “on my knees in my heart,” conscious of the greatness of God in whose presence they are continually before.

The great place is to be “on my knees in my heart,” before God , in union and communion with Him. Relating all to Him, casting cares upon Him, Receiving from Him wisdom from above through His Word, by His Spirit.

“On my knees in my heart”– is the safest place to be. In submission to God and available, trusting God and looking to Him by faith in His faithfulness, love, wisdom and power to accomplish his will for His glory. It is “on my knees in my heart,” we continually learn this is His way.

The Scripture speaks of two things God “wondered/ marveled” at . One, in the Old Testament that there was”no one to stand in the gap.” No one to pray! In the New Testament the Lord Jesus,”marveled, wondered” at their  “unbelief.” Their refusal to trust Him. Prayer-lessness and  unbelief go hand in hand and causes God to marvel that no one will pray to Him and trust Him.

Together let us humble ourselves before Him and choose to take the privilege afforded to us and pray and trust Him… We begin by turning to Him and asking Him to help us be God conscious, other conscious and  to live “On my knees in my heart.”

Consider the Promise of The Lord Jesus;

“Your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.“- Matthew 6:6