Assurance when you Pray; Do you ever “feel” that your prayers don’t go higher than the ceiling? Or “What’s the point?” or you are weary in the longevity of your trial?

Psalm 34:6 has been a hope for me over the past couple of years regarding prayer,“In my desperation I prayed, and the LORD LISTENED…” {NLT}. If someone asks you,”has anything happened?”- you can tell them, “Yes, I had an audience with the LORD and He LISTENED to me!!”

Now that is hope and rest in praying, “…He LISTENED” to you. Believe the truth, reject the lie, replace it with His Word,”…and the LORD LISTENED.” Meditate upon this truth {Psalm 34:6}…the next time you are tempted or feel anxious. “His eye is upon the righteous and His ear ATTENTIVE to YOUR prayers.”{1 Peter 3:12}

“And The LORD LISTENED.” You can arise off your knees knowing “I had an AUDIENCE WITH THE LORD AND THE LORD LISTENED.” He saw you, He heard YOU. He is familiar with what you said, or at times when you cannot utter words so great the burden , He can interpret the sighs, the heart, but be assured you Have had an audience with the LORD an He has Listened to you! “In my desperation I prayed and the LORD Listened and saved me out from all my troubles.”

Feelings question and bring doubts! Living by “feelings” as the source of “hope” will only lead and deepen our insecurity and instability. Faith in The LORD brings rest of mind and heart, spiritual.stability and assures the soul, what He says It It is so! What God has said- is not based on how I “feel” but His Character- His faithfulness. Faith assures me- God is true, and trustworthy. So we must choose to believe Him!

REMIND yourself , after you pray every time,”And the LORD Listened”- Memorize and meditate on Psalm 34:6. Encourage yourself with His Promise.

THANK HIM, He has and move on in your day, KNOWING -“The LORD LISTENED” to me and now looking by faith to Him to undertake, lovingly, wisely and for His glory in the matter.

Something happens every timeĀ  you pray- The LORD Listens:)