Pray … Don’t wrestle with flesh and blood

Pray… Don’t become emotionally involved where you are responding in the flesh rather than the Spirit

Pray… Submit yourself, your situation to God. When you do it will take the anxiety out of your life, as He now is responsible to accomplish His purposes for His honor, and you have aligned your life with His glory as the highest goal.

Persevering in prayer is not easy, for at times the desire to see a situation changed and not try to do something about it to hurry the process is a great temptation and God’s restraint to look to Him is a fight of faith against one self… So to submit under His mighty hand and commit, roll our cares upon Him is a constant learning and re learning. But thank God it is not a principle which is cold, impersonal but a Person who empathizes with us, is whom we commit to .. That’s comforting …. So we keep praying to Him who sits upon The Throne of Grace who lovingly bids us come confidently to Him to pray and receive mercy , grace to help in time of need!

Pray…begins with submission to God and His will be done in the matter!

Pray…Is an issue of faith in God!

Pray…Talk to God and see what He will do

Pray… Because you can

Pray… Because He commands you to

Pray… Because it is God’s means to draw you closer and place Himself on Display

Pray… Because God glorifies Himself through answering prayers according to His will

When it’s hardest to Pray, persevere in prayer. He is worth it!!

What is the situation that is causing you stress, anxious thoughts? Have you prayed ? Are you praying? Are you praying believing Him? Have you released it into His care? Or are you still trying to control the situation and force your way on it to achieve your ends in your way on your timetable ?

Have you deliberately cast your care in a definite way upon the LORD motivated because He cares for you? If not, why not? Now is the moment to do so! You were never meant to carry cares but to throw them off on The Lord who tells you to. To continue to be stressed is a manifestation you do not trust the LORD to do what He says He will do! And to rely on self and not the Savior, uttering words yet no submiive commitment of heart behind those words to Him in obedience by faith to trust Him!

Prayer ..and faith go hand in hand.

Praying …to a Person, your Heavenly Father,

Pray in faith believing He is able, He cares … He calls you to PRAY TO HIM

Thank God the cross and resurrection is the access for you to avail of the costly privilege of prayer afforded you!

Avail of Prayer… Keep praying. If you have stopped ? Start afresh …

PRAY, pray, pray, to God

PRAY… In faith, with reverence.