The early mornings, or middle of the night when we find it hard to sleep afford us opportunities to pray, sometimes we panic, anxious thoughts seek to demoralize us and tempt us to doubt God cares for us or the situation or loved ones  that keeps us awake. The doubts arise and “questions,” from the evil one, that “God doesn’t care or where is God?” But always, He is here, listening. He is listening to your cries of desperation, your intercession, even the sighs when it seems you have no more words to speak. He hears you. He sees you. He loves you. He cares for you and what is on your mind. He is neither indifferent, nor impotent, but intimately involved and working even if we cannot see how.  I love the translation of Psalm 34:6.”In my desperation I prayed and the LORD LISTENED…”

The Word, “LORD” is used of Him in various passages, to reveal something of His character, such…

  1. as the SELF EXISTENT ONE– in need of nothing or no one to sustain, inform, strengthen advise Him. He exists in dependence of no one, He is the LORD.- Ex 3:13-15
  2. Also, as the COVENANT KEEPING ONE– Who makes a promise, has the power to keep it and does fulfill His promises.- Deut 7:9
  3. He is the LORD, Also, as the “UNCHANGING ONE.” He never changes, He is constant. Consistently the same in His Person, Power, Promises, Perspective, He is LORD.- Malachi 3:6
  4. Also  as, “LORD,” He is the PROVIDER, Abraham told His son, “The LORD WILL PROVIDE” He did and He does for He is the LORD who provides all of our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ, He is our LORD.- Genesis 22; Phil :19
  5. As “LORD,” He is SOVEREIGN, the last five letters spell, “r-e-i-g-n” which mean He rules, He is in complete control, when it does not look like it, He is, He rules, He turns the hearts of Kings His way, He raises up and He topples, men plan their ways, He chooses their path, He is King of King and LORD of lords, He is the LORD, so in the middle of the night whether calm, praying or at times I FIND MY HEART ANXIOUS, I turn my heart towards Him and I THANK HIM for each Attribute as “LORD.” – Isaiah 45; Phil 4:6-7; Psalm 135:6;
  •  I thank You LORD You are – Self existent
  •  I thank You LORD you are the –  Covenant Keeping One
  •  I thank You LORD You are – Unchanging
  •  I thank You LORD You are my –  Provider
  •  I thank You LORD You are – Sovereign



And you know what? whether you “feel” like it or not you have DONE THE WILL OF GOD- “In everything GIVE THANKS- for THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD FOR YOU IN CHRIST”- 1Thess 5:17-18;


And you do know the story of the one leper who returned to Jesus and gave THANKS, and in doing so Jesus the LORD said he had “GLORIFIED GOD!”- Luke 16.  GIVING THANKS GLORIFIES GOD!


In the middle of your night, whatever keeps you awake, you can use it as a profitable time, to cast “all” not some, or even most but “all” of your cares upon Him for He cares for you- 1 Peter 5:7; and begin to DO HIS WILL… Begin to GLORIFY HIM by Giving thanks specifically for who He is … the night may not change, but you are about Kingdom business in the night, He is LISTENING.

The crescendo of heaven filled with pure unadulterated worship does not make HIM immune, indifferent or irritated by the very cry of desperation. All of Heaven singing His praises and He stoops to hear the cry of the desperate and notes in the midst of your storms you are CHOOSING to DO HIS WILL and GLORIFY HIM by GIVING THANKS…

The long nights can be opportunities to turn them into “the LORD nights”  –of crying out to Him, intercession and being thankful to Him and in doing so, long before sunlight comes  you have DONE GOD’S WILL and GLORIFIED GOD…

Praying for you, and hope He encourages you with this feeble attempt of mine to pass on something from the years of my own experience of “LONG NIGHTS,” and in them I am thankful there is a “BUT GOD…” to turn to and make the “LONG NIGHTS” of eternal value!