Just remember the person who is often gossiping to you will be gossiping about you!

The word “slander” is often translated, tale-bearer, whisperer, gossip…The name “devil,” means “slanderer…accuser”{Read Rev 12:10}

I heard a story once of a preacher who when someone would come to his office and begin to speak evil concerning someone. He would stop them and ask if they had spoken to that person. If not He would pick up his phone and say to the person on the other end, “I have…[the person’s name] here with me and they are saying… such and such about you. Is THAT TRUE?” Needless to say – the people did not run tot he pastor anymore BECAUSE he would not TOLERATE GOSSIP…SLANDER!!

Years ago I was invited to a home to share about the Lord. Afterwards two young college students were speaking. One girl was about to say something when the other interrupted her and said, words to this effect, “We are not going to gossip are we?” What a powerful testimony for one so young yet so desirous in her love for her Lord and the reputation of others … for which a Gossip… slanderer has no regard for

1. – Don’t allow slander to separate you {Prov 16:28}
2. – Don’t Listen to slander – Ask the person if they have spoken to the person they are speaking about to establish facts! If not, gently tell them to do that first.
3. – Don’t Repeat Slander.
4. – DO graciously, Lovingly TEACH the one who is slandering- It is an opportunity to honor God, help them and Heal a relationship. -1 Thess 5:14, Gal 6:1-2
“Lay it aside….” like a dirty garment and instead put on the garment of grace namely, “Be being, Become, Bring into existence, kindness, that which is useful, tenderheartedness and forgiveness” – {Eph 4:31-32}. You have the Word to Instruct you, The Spirit of God working “IN YOU”{Phil 2:13; and the power to say ” I will not sin by gossiping, slandering I choose instead to do thing s God’s way. I choose to be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving.” CHANGE your thinking choose to DO His Word! Memorize Ephesians 4:31-32, Meditate and APPLY.
DO NOT DO the devil’s work. The name, “devil,” means “slanderer… accuser” -{Read Rev 12:10} … or allow someone else AROUND you to do it and separate you or others from friends…and ultimately sin against the Lord by choosing to DISOBEY His Word.
God bless and encourage you to LOVE the truth, THINK on the Truth and BE A DOER of the Truth. Have A GOSSIP/ SLANDER free day!