1. Doubt God- To Do What He says He Will
  2. Play “God,” as Ultimate Authority In The Matter.
  3. Trust Your “Feelings” over what God’s Word says
  4. Live as though you Know More Than God.
  5. Keep leaning to your own understanding!
  6. Do it Your Way.
  7. Believe what God says is Optional!
  8. Blame God
  9. Believe God Exists to serve you and therefore Should Do what you want
  10. Believe God doesn’t love or care for you
  11. Foster and embrace false concepts about God
  12. Neglect Prayer {Luke 18:1}
  13. Neglect His Word { Eph 4:14}

Pick one, any one, and with practice you should be able to “Lose heart” over time! Now, think of it, who wants to “lose heart” and spiral down? No one does! Which of the above or maybe some other way is it that you or I choose consistently, and it is a choice to yield to and end up “losing heart” again to? Which one do you yield to. Which one trips you up? If need to, look again at the list of 13 and identify which one or one’s does the evil one tempt you with in order to bring you down, cause you to doubt God, displace HIM and His Word, in order to lead you to despair and dishonor Him by not trusting Him?

How do we bring about change when tempted to lose heart?

The first thing to REALIZE is that we can change!

We do not have to RESPOND the way we always have out of an ungodly HABIT! That is good news! You have the POWER to change-“God is working IN YOU, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”-{Phil 2:13}

REVERSE what is said from the above 13 list and practice the opposite🙂 And you will have your heart Strengthened not to lose heart! In choosing to Reverse what is said, which one will you choose to seek to apply today so not to lose but strengthen your heart?


When the THOUGHT comes to seek to dishearten you REMEMBER you do not have to yield to it.

REALIZE you can change by GOD’S Help.

REPLACE the Fiery dart thought that seeks to dishearten you by REPLACING IT with TRUTH- What God says! How do we do this?

RENEW your Mind and say and act on what God says and before you know it, maybe even little by little you are CHANGING and GROWING in your faith and GOD IS being Trusted and you are Glorifying and Pleasing Him in the process!

OR You can Keep Responding and Solidifying and practicing the HABIT the way you always have and continue living LOSING HEART as a result. To Do so you or I need only to REJECT God, His Word and His Provision of Power by His Spirit working in us to bring about change. This does not mean it will not be a struggle, THAT IF SOMEHOW WE VERBALLY AFFIRM, That all the struggles will go away and nothing but blue skies and sunny days ahead. No, that is not realistic according to the Scripture. It is a fight for your or my thought life but it really gets down to a matter of faith. Who will we trust…? Stick to the old HABIT or Trust God and Develop a NEW God honoring Habit?

“Why cast down O my soul PUT your Hope in God.”-{Psalm 42:5} –🙂