“Be being Kind, Be being Tenderhearted, Be forgiving.” {Eph4:32}
Where there is a CHOICE made, not to forgive, there will be no tenderheartedness, there will be no kindness! Bitterness, anger, resentment will fill the void and spew forth bitterness instead of forgiveness that not only defiles the person but has an evil contaminating effect on others. {Read Heb 12:15}.There is harshness, vindictiveness instead of tenderhearted compassion. Anger, resentment, harshness, unkindness, selfishness instead of kindness which is to seek the welfare of others is prominent, polluting.

“Love keeps no records of wrongs”{1 Cor 13:5} does not say wrongs against you are not committed but the words, “keep, …records,,” is an accounting term, to “store up,” as in writing in a ledger as an accountant does to keep record permanently of something. Love does not keep a ledger, a book, or permanently to be able to look at and recall, to hold someone‚Äôs sin against them. Love makes a choice to forgive. To recognize the sin, and to choose to release, pardon that person, never to gossip, or hold against them or use to manipulate, degrade or humiliate them over. Love does not keep ledgers! There is no book with the accounts of wrongs others have committed against you. It does not exist! Love is ledger free!

Does it mean that we are to “forgive and forget?’ The word “forget” is never associated with the major words for forgiveness in Scripture. For we do remember, the enemy reminds us, others may, but it is to say, I have chosen to recognize the sin, offense, and release then from it and never again to hold against them. When it comes to mind does not mean you have not forgiven, indeed you can remind yourself you have and it is to remind ourselves and maintain the attitude I have released them from it. But what is the motivation? “…Forgive JUST AS God In Christ has FORGIVEN YOU!”-{Eph 4:32}.. The love God has shown via the cross for you and continues to show with His settled and permanent love of forgiveness is the greatest motivation for forgiving others. Consider the woman whom Jesus said of her,”… she LOVED MUCH because she was FORGIVEN MUCH.” Out of her realization of her sin against God and how He had chosen to release, pardon her fro it came forth this attitude and action of love. Selflessness and devotion! Could it be , failing to understand the cost of forgiveness, and the seriousness of our own sin, we love little because we somehow self-delusional do not we were or are too bad as people? The cross shows exactly how horrid, perverse, wicked we are, that it cost God His Son, to deal with the catastrophic offense we as sinner are to His holiness. It cost Him His life! Forgiveness is not cheap! Because of Him as we choose to walk in newness of life, renewing our mind we have the power to continually choose to…
Be Kind Be Tender hearted Be forgiving
The Alternative is
Be Unforgiving, which is manifested in living not tenderhearted but harshly treating others, and instead of kindness, vindictive and is a manifestation of lovelesness!

We all have offended God, and we offend one another and His response to us is….” forgive just as God in Christ has forgiven you!” If God commands us to forgive, who are we to rebel against Him! To do so is to usurp the “throne of God!” It is insanity to think such but it is to put our selves in the place of God, as we believe He is not wise enough to rule in our particular case!

Forgiveness is a response to an offense that shows love is Pre- eminent! It is not a feeling but a choice of loving obedience REMEMBERING how much it took for Him to forgive you and how much He does forgive you. The cross!

Bitterness is a lack of forgiveness and needs to be repented of. It is to take the log out of our own eye first. It is to return to the cross and the ONE who gave His life so that we may be free from living in the bondage of bitterness and use that freedom to love others.

May we choose to be those who “love much” because we understand we have been “forgiven much!” Do you have a ledger? Are you seeking to punish someone who has offended you? Are you spreading their sin, failures to others and in doing so spreading bitterness and influencing them with a toxic to their spiritual well being?

There is an accountant Heaven DOES not want you to be, namely one that ,”stores up, keeps permanent records” of the sins and failures of others! Such an “Accountant” is devoid of love. “And without love we are nothing,” indeed worse than nothing as Paul says we are like pagans who would bang their cymbals,{1 Cor 13:1}. Christians behaving as pagans, when love is devoid!

“Be kind, be tenderhearted, be forgiving, just as God in Christ has forgiven you” Are you a corrupt accountant? Do you have a ledger stored away in your mind , ready to consult at any moment in order to duel the fire of wickedness of unforgiveness and snuff out the oxygen of love in doing so? Time to repent, release the “desire to be in control and seek to punish the other” person with harshness, bitterness, resentment, anger, gossip un-forgivenness is a terrible offense to God for it says His Son’s sacrifice is a small, insignificant thing. It is to be ” a perverse accountant” devoid of love!

“By this ALL Men will know you are My disciples by your LOVE for one another.”-{John 13:34-35}