“You should know this, Timothy, that IN THE LAST DAYS there will be very DIFFICULT times. ”
The word used here for “Difficult” is used only twice in the NT, here and Matthew 8:28 which speaks of “VIOLENT, FIERCE,SAVAGE…”

Difficult times because of difficult people, who are savage, fierce, in complete opposition to God and intoxicated with themselves as seen by the sins mentioned, self centered, self focused, therefore self esteem, entitlement is how they view life. Life is all about… them! And he lists 18 SINS that will be PROMINENT… they will be the norm and get worse, increasingly so. Good will be called evil and evil will be called good!…

  1. – For people will love only themselves.

Literally loving one self, selfish, intent in one owns interest over all other people’s interests, needs, desire. Self centered, self occupied, self intoxicated, self esteem and entitlement focused! in love with themselves! Everyone else exists for their fulfillment!

These difficult mes are seen when self gratification is the goal and as a result even the closes ties of family mean nothing and the other members of the family individuals are dispensable, no affection because of love for self!

” Barclay notes that the age of the Roman Empire was “an age in which family love was dying. Never was the life of the child so precarious as at this time. Children were considered a misfortune. When a child was born, it was taken and laid at the father’s feet. If the father lifted it up that meant that he acknowledged it. If he turned away and left it, the child was literally thrown out. There was never a night when there were not thirty or forty abandoned children left in the Roman forum. Even Seneca, great soul as he was, could write: “We kill a mad dog; we slaughter a fierce ox; we plunge the knife into sickly cattle lest they taint the herb; children who are born weakly and deformed we drown.” The natural bonds of human affection had been destroyed.” (The Daily Study Bible Online)”

  1. – Lovers of Money.

Money is neutral, neither evil or good, but it is one’s attitude towards it. To be a lover of money is to be covetous, controlled by it. 1 Tim 6:10 Paul says “the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” God gives the capacity to make wealth and Paul tells Timothy to teach those who have it , Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.  Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.  In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”-{1 Tim 6:17-19}.

Note the temptation with wealth is to be arrogant and put your hope in it, which is uncertain, there is no spiritual stability in placing your hope in that which is perishable!  Lovers of money place their hopes, security in it as they falsely believe it will provide for them all the “security” they need. Paul shared, ” For we brought NOTHING into the world, and neither will we carry ANYTHING out of it.”- {1 Tim 6:7}. So to put your hope, confidence and pursue it with passion and abandonment is to fail to realize when death calls there is nothing of it you take with it! It can be used for good and indeed followers of Christ are to use it to assist others, “If you are a thief, quit stealing. Instead, use your hands for good hard work, and then give generously to others in need.  “– {Epehsiasn 4:28 NLT}.

Money is not the issue it is our MOTIVATION to money or materialism that gives away the condition of our heart! Lovers of money see it as an end for..self! It is a Focus on Self! A means for self! An end for Self! Self Love!

  1. – They will be Boastful

Boastful about themselves and exaggerating in order to make much of… SELF! They exaggerate their own worth, achievements and in doing so makes little of others by PROMOTING self! They talk about themselves, Boast about themselves,promote themselves…they are the “star” of the story, and always the one who is better and has a better story, they always have to “ONE UP” another person, it is all about…SELF!!  The Boastful ares boastful in  their words, mannerisms,  it has to do with their outward behavior .

  1. – They will be Arrogant,

Literally means “to show one’s self above.”  This person tends to look down on others from a SELF ERECTED platform, a contempt for others. They look down on others be it socially, academically, ethically, athletically, whatever the sphere they feel they are superior and view others as inferior! This person is overbearing. Does not see their own sin, their need of God, and is self sufficient. The Boastful is a Bluffer, you hear him or her. They are seen and heard in their boasting while the arrogant can have the appearance of humility but is a different case internally ARROGANT! The arrogant can be hidden in the heart is where his or her attitudes are hid but they are superior in their view of self and others are inferior! This person is proud but it is UNSEEN!

The  difference between Boastful and Arrogance is that boastfulness is external while arrogance is Boastfulness in in thought and thus has to do with INWARD feelings. God hates them both! (Read – Proverbs 6:16-19}.


  1. – Scoffing at God,

“Reviler” to hurl abuse  at others, to speak evil ! {“Blasphemos.”} which means speech that is insulting, slanderous, abusive, demeaning, defaming, spreading negative information about another. It refers to someone  who responds harshly  and use insulting words,  PUT DOWNS  towards God and others. They don’t want God to rule as it threatens them and all they cherish and hold dear. When they are disturbed within it is expressed in OUTER SLANDER. They seek to  destroy others good name! The sin  comes from within.- {Read Mark 7:21, 23}

  1. – Disobedient to their parents,

As long as it is not a sin issue children are to be in submission to their parents and this is pleasing to Him-{ Read Eph 6:1, Col 3:20} “Disobedient” – {Apeitheis From A= WITHOUT  + peitho “Persuade”} Literally means one who continually refuses to obey, be compliant and submissive to their parents . They are deliberately, stubbornly rebellious…the child disobedient to parents will be disobedient to anyone who is in a position of authority. They will not submit to anyone! It is a heart issue!  It is a deeper heart issue and is in defiance of Exodus 20:12″ Honor your father and mother…” In Ephesians 6 it says “Honor your father and others, Obey.. them” Honor is the attitude, Obedience is the ACT… the attitude is key! Disobedience to parents is to set themselves above God and disobey Him and is reflected in their treatment of their parents.  And the breakdown of the family results and it is down to self love, SELFISHNESS!

  1. – Ungrateful.

Without gratitude for God or towards others. Without grace! No gratitude towards God, the person feels they deserve all the good that comes to them and they are entitled to it, so why be thankful Blinded by their sin of selfishness, deluded! Ungrateful people! Romans 1 says it is characteristic of a lost person as does this passage here!

  1. – They will consider nothing Sacred.

“Unholy,” They consider nothing sacred as they are heading the opposite direction from God. They don’t want to have their lives, behavior held up to God’s standard. Driven by their own passions, lusts, no boundaries as they see no reason to be accountable to God or others and therefore driven by self love by their own passions, to satisfy their own lusts with no thought, regard for the property, decency or personal reputation of other people. A Law unto themselves while discarding the Law of God!

  1. – They will be Unloving

“Astorgoi” – “Without { destitude} natural affection, {feeling}” the word comes from “storge” which speaks of affection for   family, social affection, patriotic love. They are without love for their family which should be the most natural thing. To be “astorgoi” means “to be without natural affection” {KJV} the NIV translate it as “HEARTLESS” John Mac Arthur says, “” It is not natural for people to love God or the things and people of God, but it is natural for them to love their own families. To be astorgos is therefore to be “without natural affection” (KJV).

Just as the self-loving person is without common decency, he also is without common affection. He cares nothing for the welfare of those who should be dearest to him.

His only interest in them is for what he believes they can do for him. To be unloving is to be heartless. Unloving behavior is reported daily in newspapers and broadcasts. Husbands and wives abusing one another, parents and children abusing one another – often to the point of murder – are so common that they make headlines only if they are particularly brutal or sensational. Tragically, the evangelical church has its share of the unloving and heartless”

  1. – Unforgiving/Irreconcilable;

“Unwilling to be at peace with others”  The word speaks of covenant breakers, bitter haters, unyielding not capable of being appeased,– hostile, uncompromisingly opposed, “It is one who is unwilling to negotiate a solution to a problem involving a second party. Their  rows, fighting, feuds never end, they make sure of that, unashamedly so!-

Barclay – Aspondos can mean two things.

It can mean that a man is so bitter in his hatred that he will never come to terms with the man with whom he has quarreled.

Or it can mean that a man is so dishonorable that he breaks the terms of the agreement he has made.

In either case the word describes a certain harshness of mind which separates a man from his fellow-men in unrelenting bitterness. It may be that, since we are only human, we cannot live entirely without differences with our fellow-men, but to perpetuate these differences is one of the worst—and also one of the commonest—of all sins. When we are tempted to do so, we should hear again the voice of our blessed Lord saying on the Cross: “Father, forgive them.” (The Daily Study Bible Online)

“The only other NT use of aspondos is Rom 1:31 where it occurs as one of a list of unrighteous traits characteristic of those who “did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer” and who God therefore “gave… over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper” (see note on Romans 1:28), one of those things being to be “irreconcilable” -{preceptaustin.}

Trench adds that aspondos are not those who are only difficult to be reconciled with but are those who are absolutely irreconcilable; those who will not be atoned, or set at one, who being at war refuse to lay aside their enmity, or to listen to terms of accommodation… (in war aspondos is those who want) “no herald, no flag of truce, as we should now say, being allowed to pass between the parties, no terms of reconcilement listened to; such a war, for example, as that which the Carthaginians in the interval between the first and second Punic Wars waged with their revolted mercenaries. (Trench, R. C. Synonyms of the New Testament. Page 193)

“…the absolutely irreconcilable person who, being at war, refuses to lay aside their enmity or even to listen to terms of reconciliation. It means “hostility which refuses truce.” It is hatred and un-forgiveness “set in cement”. {Austin precept.}

  1. – They will Slander others

“Malicious Gossips” –“Diabolai” means literal “devils,” false accusers, slanderous. The word literally means to “THROW BETWEEN” the intent is to falsely accuse and divide people without any reasons…

“Whereas the irreconcilable person tends to disregard and neglect others, malicious gossips make a point of speaking slander so as to harm others. Whether to promote their own interests, to express jealousy or hatred, or simply to vent their anger,they take perverse pleasure in damaging reputations and destroying lives. Engulfed and blinded by self-love, malicious gossips do the very work of the Devil, the chief of all slanderers. Like father, like son.”

“Diabolos” these people are like devils and behaving like the devil and doing his work! Like father like son or daughter, they reflect his hatred for people! They want to harm them…The devil’s object is to come between people and break up relationships…  and to keep this fractured relationship ongoing….They constantly actively seek to harm others by throwing down and coming between people to harm, break up relationships.

“Whether to promote their own interests, to express jealousy or hatred, or simply to vent their anger, they take perverse pleasure in damaging reputations and destroying lives. Engulfed and blinded by self-love, malicious gossips do the very work of the Devil, the chief of all slanderers. “

“Diabolos points out the fact that these individuals are like devils because they imitate the Devil in constantly inventing and throwing evil reports and accusations at others.

The devil’s object is to come between and to break up relationships and then to keep this brokenness “alive”.

The reasons churches split are because of “old diabolos” who uses the envy, jealously and general ungodliness of other members (cp Mt 13:24252627282930Jude 1:191Co 1:1011:181912:2425) to the point that they cannot not reconcile with one another (See discussion of the importance of Forgiveness in notes on Eph 4:32). Gossip is never relating facts but is coloring the facts with falsehood, innuendo, supposition, etc. Gossip robs others of their name because it insinuates some attitude, motive, action, etc is present in their lives when it may or may not be (See Jesus’ stern warning Mt 7:12ffnote)

Gossip is never relating facts but is coloring the facts with falsehood, innuendo, supposition, etc. Gossip robs others of their name because it insinuates some attitude, motive, action, etc is present in their lives when it may or may not be (See Jesus’ stern warning Mt 7:12ffnote).”-{preceptaustin}

A Slanderer, reflects the family resemblance!

  1.  Without Self- Control.

“Without Power over Self” – “-akrates” from a = without + krátos = strength) is literally without strength to resist the solicitations of one’s passions and so describes a man who is powerless and/or unable to govern his fleshly appetites. No self-control.  Devoid of the inner power of self government, instead governed and enslaved to passions which “master” them. In the last Days, anything goes, no restrictions, limitations, the desiring and  cravings master the individual who have no power to say no to themselves! No Godly standards doing what is right in their own eyes and their life style -choices  may not be challenged.

Jesus word to the religious,   “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but inside they are full of robbery and self-indulgence” (Greek here is the related noun akrasia derived from akrates) (Mt 23:25)

  1. – They will be Cruel

“Brutal”  speaks of savage, cruel untamed, fierce.

“  anemeros from a = without + hemeros = mild, lame) (found only in this verse in the NT) means literally not mild, not tame, savage, merciless, the very opposite of the gentle. These men have a character and conduct befitting a brute beast and are grossly ruthless or unfeeling. They are like animals in their nature, action and instincts. They are savage (lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings), cruel, violent like that of wild beasts, who attack enemies and tear them in pieces. These men are not just given to violence now and then; they are in fact, ferocious “savages” who pounce on whoever gets in their way, and have no regard for the rights or feelings of anyone other than themselves. Even a dog may be sorry when he has hurt his master, but these men in their malevolent treatment of others have lost natural human sympathy and feeling. This trait is the opposite of gentleness called for in the manners of the bond-servant of the Lord in (2:24).” Genuine Power produces Godliness and makes a person GENTLE as the Fruit of the Spirit declares {Galatians 5:} but the absence of self control, this control initiated by the Spirit {Read Phil 2:13} makes or reveals the brutish nature person, harsh and and cruel and such are people more and more identified in the last days!

  1. – Hate what is good.

aphilagathos from a = without and a combination of phílos = friend + agathos = good which is spiritually beneficial to another = literally loving and practicing what is good) (found only in this verse in the NT) describes men who are hostile to or despisers of all that is good and of good men. These men lack of generous interest in the public good. They have no love of virtue. In their love of self they have become haters of good, hating what should be loved and loving what should be hated! Listen to God’s warning through Isaiah to given to faithless Israel but applicable to men such as these

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Is 5:20).”

“Jesus said that despite the fact that

“the light is come into the world… men loved the darkness rather than the light… and everyone who does evil hates the light (Jn 3:1920)

The direct contrast is found in the criteria of “overseers” who are to be “loving what is good” (philagathos) (see note Titus 1:8)

These haters of good don’t even want to be in the presence of good things and good people because they have no love for anything spiritually beneficial and the most damaging place for these workers of iniquity is in the walls of the church.

Barclay – There can come a time in a man’s life when the company of good people and the presence of good things is simply an embarrassment. He who feeds his mind on cheap literature can in the end find nothing in the great masterpieces. His mental palate loses its taste. A man has sunk far when he finds even the presence of good people something which he would only wished to avoid. (The Daily Study Bible Online)


  1. – They will betray their friends, TREACHEROUS-

TREACHEROUS: prodotai: (2Pe 2:10-22Jude 1:8 ,9)

  • They will betray their friends (NLT)
  • Betrayers (Wuest)
  • those who turn against their friends (ICB)
  • false to their friends (BBE)

“Prodotes” means “Betrayer, Traitor.”

Treacherous (prodotes from prodídomi = to give away, to betray which in turn is from pró = before or forth + dídomi = give) describes men who who betray another’s trust and confidence or are false to an obligation or duty. This is the man who delivers without justification a person into the control of someone else (in the sense of giving forward into another’s hands). It describes one untrue to what should command one’s fidelity or allegiance and even implies readiness to betray trust or confidence. These men betray confidence and trust put in them.

Luke describes the prototypical traitor…

Judas the son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who became a traitor. (prodotes) (Lk 6:16)

Stephen boldly accused the Jews

Which one of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who had previously announced the coming of the Righteous One, Whose betrayers (prodotes) and murderers you have now become. (Acts 7:52).

Feigned love and friendship become means of treachery. 


 16. be Reckless,

{ propeteis:} Reckless – headstrong, heady, rash, such as fall forward, self willed, those who do foolish things without thinking.

“They act impetuously without thought for others or care for possible consequences.These men are swept on by passion and impulse to such an extent that they are totally unable to think sensibly. Such people act foolishly and carelessly, completely unconcerned about the consequences for themselves or others.

The word headstrong includes their determination to have their own way, regardless of advice to the contrary.

The only other use is by Luke describing a riot in Ephesus and the town clerk’s declaration that…

Since then these are undeniable facts, you ought to keep calm and to do nothing rash. (marked by or proceeding from undue haste or lack of deliberation or caution) (Acts 19:36)

Vincent writes that propetes means…

Precipitate, reckless, headstrong in the pursuit of a bad end under the influence of passion. Only here and Acts 19:36. In Septuagint, slack, loose, hence foolish, Prov 10:14, and dividing or parting asunder, as the lips; of one who opens his lips and speaks hastily or thoughtlessly,Prov 13;3. (Vincent, M. R. Word studies in the New Testament. Vol. 4, Page 311)

Rienecker adds this note describing these men as ready to precipitate matters by hasty speech or action. It indicates lack of control or quickness, whether good or bad and with respect to action it refers to those who are impulsive, who get carried away (hotheads!) like a bolting horse,; people who make themselves known by their violence, who wreck everything, who take wild chances.”{preceptaustin}

17. – be Puffed up with Pride,/ Conceited.

“Typhoo” –Thayer’s Definition

  1. to raise a smoke, to wrap in a mist
    1. metaph.
      1. to make proud, puff up with pride, render insolent
      2. to be puffed up with haughtiness or pride
  2. to blind with pride or conceit, to render foolish or stupid
    1. beclouded, besotted”

CONCEITED: tetuphomenoi (RPPMPN): (Ro11:201Ti 6:17)

Be puffed up (NLT)  swollen with conceit (NRSV)  high minded (KJV) swell headed having been swollen up with pride

Conceited (5187) (tuphoo [typhoo] from tuphos [typhos] = smoke) means literally to wrap in smoke or mist and so to becloud. Figuratively it means to be puffed up or conceited. Some secular Greek sources actually use “tuphoo” to describe one as mentally ill.

The verb tuphoomeans wrapped or enveloped by smoke, so that what is outside one’s circumscribed world of self cannot be seen. The man who is “swollen with conceit” is really just “filled with smoke” for all his accomplishments will be reduced to nothing more than smoke and ashes one day. (2Pe 3:10notes) The perfect tense pictures a person who in the past has come to a state of such pride, and is so puffed up, that his mind as a permanent result is beclouded and besotted with pride and conceit. No one can tell them anything, for they know it all.

Gill says these men are

“puffed and swelled up with a vain conceit of themselves, and speaking great swelling words of vanity”

They have a much higher view of themselves than is justified. The Greek word properly means to wrap in smoke & was then used metaphorically for conceit, to picture a badly mistaken view of one’s own importance. The perfect tense pictures their puffed up opinion of themselves as their permanent condition. The idea of conceit differs from the “lovers of self” for the latter trait can be concealed, while the very nature of conceit involves being noticed by others.

Hendricksen comments that…

No one can tell them anything, for they “know it all,” so blinded with conceit (see on 1Ti 3:66:4) are they. This blindness, moreover, has a moral, spiritual cause. Its root is in the heart and in the will, for these people are utterly selfish (note how the description in reaching a climax returns to its starting-point: “self-loving”) “-{preceptaustin”


18. – Lovers of Pleasure rather than lovers of God.

”  philedonoi:

loving all the time what gives them pleasure instead of loving God. (Phillips)

Lovers of pleasure (5369) (philedonos from phílos = friend or loving + hedone = pleasure from hedos = delight, enjoyment and the related verb hedomai = to have sensual pleasure). Hedone gives us our English word hedonism which is the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life.

Philedonos is used in a bad sense of what is against God and spiritually destructive to oneself. These men are intent on pleasure, abandoned to (sensual) pleasure and pleasure-loving. This word describes well the self-absorbed, self-gratifying orbit of the ungodly. Pascal once wrote that in every man’s heart is a “God-shaped vacuum,” yet men will continue to fill this vacuum with the god called “pleasure.”  Christ Himself said of these days, “Because lawlessness (or iniquity) will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” Mt 24:12.”

Their number one loyalty and devotion is to themselves and so self gratification and love is their ultimate goal. Self satisfaction above loyalty and love of devotion to their Creator. The passage begins with self love and ends with self love and in between are  manifestations of self love! And look how tragic that is with its Vices and lack of virtues, like a venomous snake, poisonous is self love it destroys!

They are willing to make any sacrifice in pursuit of the fulfillment of their selfish desires, pleasure, give up anything but their will  to God!

“Rather Than Lovers Of God.” – philotheos from phílos = friend or loving + Theós = God) In other words, the true God has no place at all in the thinking and living of a false teacher or of anyone who is self-centered. They ignore the claims of God and live their life in pursuit of selfish aims that gratify the flesh.”-{preceptaustin}


“They will act Godly,religious, but they will reject the power that could make them Godly. Stay away from people like that!”- {2 Tim 3:1-5}.

Is there any hope? ” Here is a trustworthy statement that deserves full acceptance, Christ Jesus Came into the world to save/ deliver,/ rescue sinners…. And you shall call His Name Jesus and He will save His people from their sins….”{1 Tim 1:15, Matt 1:21}

Repent towards God and place your faith In Christ, He is Good News and the SAVIOR!

“And Jesus said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”

-{Luke 9:23}