We are told, “Do everything without complaining and arguing, “-{Phil 2:14}. We are commanded “In everything give thanks FOR this IS the WILL OF GOD FOR YOU in Christ Jesus!”-{1 Thess 5:18.} “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!”-{Psalm 107:1}

And the consistent choices we make add up and become habits of either a complainer or grateful…

Consider these truths that never change for you…

You are loved, accepted, cared for, forgiven, permanent access to God, blessed, redeemed, saved, a future hope to be with Christ!

Practice…Thanks…God deserves it from you and me! Practice Thanks! Choose to be a grateful person one choice at a time! How? Consider Him…His character and His blessings as a primer for you to learn to increasingly tell Him… “Thank You, LORD !”

We don’t drift into Gratitude. Too often we wrongly believe that once God saves us that we are exempt from troubles and temptation and this is not so, SCRIPTURE SHOWS US WE ARE IN A SPIRITUAL FIGHT. At times when troubles seem to be pouring in on us we have to choose not to complain but give Him thanks and that takes FAITH! And to do so, we have to develop a plan, and develop a new pattern for our lives irrespective of our circumstances. This does not mean it is easy, indeed it can be very hard as we battle our own emotions, circumstances, the evil one’s fiery disheartening, doubting thought to seek to discourage us and turn us aside from loving God and loving others.

But This we can do, develop a new pattern as we THINK RIGHT about God, His character, His Promises and the spiritual and physical blessings He has given us. His Word is the Treasure where we can find the truth in, to help our thinking be Right and influence our Right action of Gratitude!

As we RENEW our mind by reading, meditating applying His Word, and REJECT and REPLACE our tendency, our old habit of being a complainer and develop a new habit by practice that is worthy of the LORD and our new life in Christ which He gave His life to save us from sin. REPLACE with Thanksgiving. And when the temptation comes to complain RECOGNIZE it. REJECT it- REPLACE it by THINKING RIGHT through His Word and REPLAY again and again when tempted to complain and over time by His empowering Spirit we will develop a new pattern and as we do we know from Luke 17:18 thanksgiving GLORIFIES HIM! And we are DOING HIS WILL as we do so – 1 Thess 5 :18 and it is a GOOD THING to do- Ps 107:1 There are Three reasons for you and me to Give God Thanks!

Also, Did you know that one mark of Spiritual maturity in a congregation according to Col 1:9, 12-14 is to be continually growing in THANKS to God the Father for salvation.{v 12}. Same for individuals, thanksgiving is an evidence of spiritual growth! You can look at the Scriptures as the Standard and mirror to see how we are growing as Christians and one OBJECTIVE way is in this matter of Thanksgiving!

THINK about Thanking Him. TRUST Him to remind you to Thank Him. START PRACTICING THANKING HIM NOW –

Pause… and… THANK HIM! – What is He hearing from you and me?🙂