1.-  Continue to think on anxious, fearful discouraging thoughts.…”anxiety in the heart weighs it down {depresses}…-{Prov 12;25}
2. – Continue not to include God in the equation
3. – Isolate yourself from people who love and care for you
4. – Continue to tell yourself  that “no one cares or loves you.” This should help to foster self pity and bitterness towards others
5. – When you do “feel” good enough, then find someone to tell, how “no one cares or loves you.” This should help in solidifying and justifying your behavior.
6. – Be Critical of others, who do not see or do what you want, this should help to foster bitterness which is a joy killer and poisons others in your company also, if they are not wise in God’s way’s, influencing  and increasing your sphere of being miserable!

  1. Repeat the above to maintain miserable!

How To Break Out ?


RECOGNIZE;  You Will need to recognize the initial “thought”s to tempt you to turn inward and away from God, and seeking first His kingdom and aside from loving others …

REPLACE the thoughts of  anxiety,fear, with His Word. David said ” when I am afraid I will trust in You” ( Psalm 56:3) in the Psalm he focus’s on the character of God. He thinks on whom He is…

REJOICE– seems stupid, a waste of time doesn’t it? But He says, ” REJOICE in The Lord it is a SAFEGUARD for you”- (Phil 3:1) “Safeguard”means to be kept from stumbling over, tripping up…or been overthrown!

SAFEGUARD.”-Is a Greek word “aphales” is taken from a verb meaning “to trip up, overthrow or cause to stumble.” Here the negative prefix (“a”) is added and thus describes “that which has stability and firmness so as not to be easily tripped up or overthrown.” Rejoicing is His provision to keep  you stable and His provision not to be tripped up, overthrown in your faith! Rejoice in Him who has provided this for you!! 

Rejoicing “In The Lord” is by faith and is His prescription to  spiritually stabilize and keep you! There are more references to God in Philippians than there are verses! Read Philippians and underline what it says about Him and rejoice in Him. Who He is.. His promises…Either Or…

Consider, “anxiety in the heart weighs it down {depresses} BUT a Good word makes the HEART GLAD.-{Prov 12:25} Which side of the “BUT” in the verse will you choose to THINK and LIVE on? One leads to anxiety, depression. The other makes the heart glad. And the difference? “A GOOD WORD!”

REACH OUT to love others “do nothing from selfishness or vain conceit BUT with humility of mind regards OTHERS as more important than yourself… Do not merely look out for your own interests BUT also the interests of OTHERS!”- ( Phil 2:3,4)

REST-The good news ” God is at work IN YOU both to desire and empower you to do His will, for His pleasure”-( Read phil 2:13)

REPEATand the outcome will be different than following the pattern for how to maintain being miserable!

” Whatever happens, my dear brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord. I never get tired of telling you these things, and I do it to safeguard your faith ” – {Phil 3:1 NT}

– 🙂