It takes sustained ENERGY to maintain bitterness! It takes intellectual ENERGY, EMOTIONAL. ENERGY.. Volitional ENERGY.., to chose to think and hold un-forgiveness towards someone in order to maintain, foster a grudge against another. The outcome for such effort ? The Scripture says ” there is No JOY for the bitter “… While the fruit of the Spirit is JOY. Joylessnes is the fruit of disobedience .., it is to be put off, discarded, as though a poisonous snake seeking to place you in it’s destructive grasp! It begins by choosing love for the Savior over love for self ! Bitterness is an attitude adopted, maintained, and affects your fellowship with God and is evil. It is devoid of Love. Bitterness is the fruit of un-forgiveness. Bitterness goes deep when un-repented of ” the ROOT of bitterness defiles ( influences “discolors,”) MANY”- ( Heb 13:14-15).
Bitterness is never contained to self but like a broken sewerage pipe seeps into the lives of others with unloving thoughts and affects their thinking if they are not wise enough to recognize the bitter speech of another and they in turn react and respond in kind . You can never be bitter by yourself. But your bitterness contaminates others and tempts them to sin against God with attitudes and actions and grieves the Holy Spirit, who does not lead His people to bitter attitudes or actions.
Bitterness is a hurt that has been allowed entrance to the mind and embraced, “cuddled,” “fed,” dwelt on. It effects the emotions and influencing the choices … and is devastating to the one who is bitter.It puts them back in bondage. It has a derimental effect on others. It dishonors God.
  • Bitter people feel “Entitled.”
  • Bitterness is ” right ” we “feel” entitled to hold on to. 
  • Bitterness seeks to punish the offender. (Often by CHOOSING gossiping and effects relationships by putting a wedge between people …”He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends “- Prov 17:9).
  • Bitter People Use Bitter Speech!
  • Bitterness is a Choice to sin against … God! 
Bitterness is a result often of a hurt that turns into anger, a settled hostility, resentment…that looks with an evil eye towards another that even when they do “good” the poison eye of bitterness puts evil motives to the good word or deed, and tells others of “the real reason! The person’s “good deed” is in effect considered with suspicion and viewed through a “bitter lens” and considered as “evil.” They wrongfully believe they are able to “discern” others “real” motives. They are setting themselves up as “all knowing,” an attribute which belongs to God alone!
 * Bitter people are not Spirit controlled people, but Spirit opposed!!
Bitterness often follows this pattern – a hurt embraced- anger – a hostile resentment maintained – it sours the mind and spirit and effects others by bringing them into it. Bitterness grieves the Holy Spirit who now instead of working through the individual must work out of the individual the foulness and defiling, destructive SIN of bitterness.
Bitterness is a Choice. Bitterness is destructive. Bitterness is divisive. Bitterness is poison to the spiritual system, it is bondage, “For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and captive to iniquity.” {Acts 8:23-Berean study Bible.} Bitterness is sin! “But God…” provides us with Hope.
1.- The “GOOD NEWS” if it is a sin issue and bitterness is, “and you shall call His name Jesus and He shall SAVE { to rescue deliver from the danger } His people from their sins.”} -Matt 1:21. The good news bring it to Jesus and He can take care of it !.  Acknowledge it as your own personal sin ! We alone are responsible for our own bitterness 
2.- Confess it as sin to God… Repent of it . Hate it as it is sin against God and seeks to dishonor His Name, taint your testimony ” by this ALL men will know you are My disciples by your Love- ( not by your bitterness) for one another “- (John 13:34-35).. It seeks to tempt you to sin and enslave you 

3.- Choose love – practice love 
” love does not keep records of wrongs ” instead chooses to THINK AND ACT ON LOVE – memorize 1 Cor 13:4-7
” be kind be tenderhearted .. Be forgiving just as God in Christ had forgiven YOU.” Eph 4:31:32
4. Refuse to dwell on past hurts CHOOSE INSTEAD TO REPLACE sinful thoughts and deeds by choosing to Hide Hid Word in your mind so when tempted ( no one had the power to make you bitter but.. You!! Choose instead to BE LOVING , kind. And pray ” love your enemies .. Pray for them bless them DO GOOD TO THEM.” It is not a matter of feelings but faithful obedience to God! There is no guarantee others will be kind back to you, but there is the guarantee you are honoring the Lord and loving Him.”He who has My commandments and obeys them loves Me.” -{ John 13:34-35}.
Bitterness is hatred and A SETTLED attitude of HOSTILITY. We often get “pleasure” from it, the ” ability ” to speak harshly , unkindly , withdraw ” punish the offender” for as long as deem the ” sentence ” should last! Bitter people want others to “hurt.” Bitter people are angry people. Bitter people are vindictive and willing to take the slightest offenses and embrace and embroider into their picture, enlarging it with any perceived sign real or imaginary they perceive to fuel their “justification,” for acting, reacting with sourness of attitude and action. Bitter people are mastered by choice. The choice to be bitter! No one can force you to be bitter but… you!. .Bitter people want to be in control and play judge and EXECUTIONER! It Is to be repented of …as evil! It is not a fruit the Spirit produces !
Bitterness is a REFUSAL TO OBEY GOD .
Bitterness is seeking to REPLACE GOD and set yourself above Him …with yourself as “LORD”
Power over bitterness is provided for you ! ( 2 Pet 1:3-4)
It does not mean you have not been hurt … That pain has not been caused… It does not mean you have to “get even” with the person. That is the old you. The powerless you. The new you in Christ has the spiritual power to chose by faith to obey His Word.
What if you don’t feel like it ? Choose by faith to love, to pray blessings for the other. If they know you have been bitter towards them confess it as sin ( if they don’t know don’t open up a can of worms by telling them .. Confess it privately as to The Lord ).
* RELEASE – the person – 
* REPLACE – bitterness with thinking on Truth and practicing it ( Phil 4.8-9)
* REJECT the first thought of bitterness with Prayer and words and deeds of Love !
* REACH out in love 
* REJOICE in the LORD who has forgiven you and gives you power not to be en-slaved to a yoke of bitterness .. But has freed you to empower you”… for everything pertaining to life and Godliness .”- ( Gal 5:1;2 Peter 1:3-4).
“PAY BACK TIME “- God’s Way for you.
“Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing. That is what God has called you to do, and He will bless you for it.”- ( 1 Peter 3:9)
Ask yourself …”will this, thought, attitude action conform to this verse? “Let all that you do be done in love “- (1 Cor 16:14)… If not then it is not to be in your life.
Temptation is not sin till we yield to it and act upon it.
**Bitter people are those who choose to be!
Bitterness. what a waste of energy !! Sin always is!