{“Thumos” from thuo= move impetuously, particulary as the air of wind, water, a violent motion or passion of the mind; move violently, rush along, describes Passion -as if breathing hard.”  – {preceptaustin} –

It conveys the idea of swelling and eventually bursting.To Explode, like a Volcano! Explosive! Blow Up! That which infuriates within and explodes as a result! “Bitterness leads to the explosion on the outside of what is going on in the inside!”{preceptaustin}

Jesus spoke the truth and they did not like it to such an extent they wanted to throw Him off  cliff. This “wrath” can be so filled with hatred it is willing to murder someone who crosses their path! “And all the people in the synagogue were filled with rage as they heard these things. They got up, drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw Him off the cliff.”-{Luke 4:28-29.}

Outbursts of Anger is characteristic of a person not in a right relationship with God…” The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions  “-{Gal 5:19-20} and look at what is said of those who Practice such…” . I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.  “-{Gal 5:21}. It is a manifestation of a person who “…will not  inherit the kingdom of God!” “Wrath” outbursts of anger is serious it says a lot about the spiritual condition of an individual!

“Wrath” seeks to intimidate and Control Others by it’s outbursts; Pharaoh, was known for his wrath, but by Faith, Moses was not intimidated for he was looking away to GOD…”By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured, as seeing Him who is unseen..”-{Heb 11:27},

It is Explosive, Destructive Emotion! It explodes and then dies down. it is unpredictable, it is characterized of a lost persona and that person will not inherit the Kingdom of God….

But can a Follower of Christ have occasional outbursts? YES!! As Paul in Ephesians 4 is writing to believers and he says ” PUT AWAY… ALL WRATH….{ Lay aside}- v 31. But realize this is not what he has for you. It is referring back to old patterns of thinking, lifestyle. Lay them aside. Hide His Word in your heart, so the Holy Spirit can bring back to your mind when needed and you can apply… Paul lists six vices in v31 and three virtues in v 32. Concentrate on what to “Put On…” in verse 32… Who and what you are to think on and Practice. Ask him to help you and He will. For He loves you and those around you!


You can “Lay it aside,” like an old filthy garment and put on a new garment of Grace. Throw off the “Grave clothes”…. how? By choosing to RENEW YOUR MIND {read Rom 12:2}… and REPLACE with GOD’S WORD AND DO HIS WORD namely, v 32 says ” BE becoming… bring into existence” The verse refers TO A WAY OF LIFESTYLE.  become more and more a person of

1.- “KINDNESS ” -{Chrestos}

  1. “fit, fit for use, useful
    1. virtuous, good
  2. manageable
    1. mild, pleasant (as opp. to harsh, hard sharp, bitter)
    2. of things: more pleasant, of people, kind, benevolent.”

-{ Thayer’s Definition- Greek Lexical Dictionary}

“Chrestos”- refers to “Morals” in 1 Cor 15:33… which are those which are useful, beneficial.

“In several NT verses (Lk 6:35Ro 2:4noteEp 4:32note1Pe 2:3note) the main idea of chrestos is kind, an adjective which includes the attributes of loving affection, sympathy, friendliness, patience, pleasantness, gentleness, and goodness. Kindness is a quality shown in the way a person speaks and acts. It is more volitional than emotional.”-{preceptaustin commentaries}

Barclay writes that chrestos was defined by the Greeks…

as the disposition of mind which thinks as much of its neighbour’s affairs as it does of its own. Kindness has learned the secret of looking outwards all the time, and not inwards. He tells us to forgive others as God forgave us. So, in one sentence, Paul lays down the law of personal relationships—that we should treat others as Jesus Christ has treated us. (Daily Study Bible)

Kindness  speaks of that which is useful, good, virtuous, mild,  pleasant…, Morally good and honorable, the ability to show kindness to everyone. When someone is hurting, has a need, then  reaching out to them to do something what is beneficial and helpful to them!

Kindness is not just an Attitude but An Expression with acts! Whatever is needful, useful to others is what Kindness is about.  To be concerned. considerate with others welfare!

The LORD works in you both to desire and do for His good pleasure! -{Read Phil 2:13}.


Means to be full of compassion and pity… “comfort one another …with the comfort God has comforted you with .”-{Read 2 Cor 1:3-4} Reaching out to others from an inward heart of tenderness, compassion…

“Eusplagchnos not a word about conduct but about your insides — literally, your innards, your belly. Be well-disposed to each other in your deepest parts. It’s exactly the opposite of hypocrisy that acts tender and feels malice. Webster says that the English word tender hearted means easily moved to love, pity, or sorrow

The only other Biblical use of eusplagchnos is “1Pe 3:8 (see note) To sum up, let all be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit;” -{preceptaustin}

3. “FORGIVENESS”  – {v 31}

” Forgiving (“given as an act of grace”)  (charizomai } from charis= grace) means literally to give freely and unconditionally or to bestow as a gift of grace and then to remit a debt, and hence to forgive. Look at the word “forgive” and observe the last 4 letters which speak volumes about what is required to forgive others (forGIVE). Charizomai means to extend grace, to show kindness or to bestow favor. The concept came to include both the gracious action and agreeable human qualities. The present tense calls for this to be the believer’s continual practice, our new way of life (our “new garment” worn continually) as saints. Don’t say you can’t forgive, for what you are really saying is you won’t forgive. We can forgive others because He forgave us! As an act of mercy make the conscious choice to extend grace to others who don’t necessarily deserve it. In fact Paul uses the Middle voicewhich pictures believers as those who are to initiate the action of forgiving and then to participate in the results of forgiveness, not the least of which is we free ourselves from the “prison” and “poison” of unforgiveness!

Another way to explain the tense using the context of Paul’s exhortation to put on new garments, the present tense pictures that those who have put off the old man and put on the new man and now are to wear this “garment” at all times and in all places. The middle voice indicates that we as new men (and women of course) in Christ are to initiate the decision to put on the “garment of forgiveness” and that we participate in the effects of this new “attire” (the freedom that comes by living with an attitude of letting the injuries of others go, of remitting the debts they owe us)…

“Has Forgiven”  (charizomai [word study]

“from charis = grace) speaks of the exhibition of God’s grace in providing undeserved help to those who were unworthy to receive it.

Note that “charizomai” is in the aorist tense which signifies God’s forgiveness of sinners in Christ is full, final and finished.

This is the standard of forgiveness by which believers are to model their forgiveness of those who injure them in thought, word or deed.” – {preceptaustin commentaries.}


The old  Garment – The grave clothes… This person, says when hurt and offended,  be bitter, explode with anger, simmer with resentment, slander the person, with the intent to hurt them from a heart filled with wickedness towards them!

But the new Garment of Grace. This  person says – No I will make a choice. To Love God by choosing to reject the old way and instead  choose His way by being kind, tenderhearted, forgiving the other person!

Concentrate on what you are to THINK on and to DO. DEVELOP THIS NEW habit … God commands you and me to. God empowers us… and God will enable us to CHANGE the way we think, and ACT.

If you have had outbursts of anger. Ask yourself “Why?” Take responsibility for your own sin. Confess it, repent of it  and submit to Him and thank Him that He has promised “…He will save His people from their sins”-{Read Matt 1:21}. Ask Him to change you from the inside out… Know you need not follow those old patterns again, they no longer are who you are “In Christ!” Lay them aside and put on “the GARMENT OF GRACE!”

And begin to Practice the new lifestyle Christ purchased for you. “Be becoming…” more and more in your relationships  KINDNESS, TENDERHEARTED, FORGIVENESS and the Motivation?” ….Just as God in Christ has Forgiven you!” -{Eph 4:32}.  It s not perfection, but a new direction …”wrath” free, which is destructive and instead more and more growing into a person of kindness, tenderheartedness and forgiveness and these three are all towards… OTHERS!