“Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; {Grateful praise}
Sing praises to our God on the lyre,
Who covers the heavens with clouds,
Who provides rain for the earth,”-{Psalm 147:7-8}

I See Clouds, I see Solutions!

You might, or I might say, “I’ve got real problems, I don’t have time to look at clouds! What have clouds got to do with it?” Sometimes under great stress, we are in need of great hope to break in and sometimes it can be in the simple things that we can be reminded there is hope. For the people in Psalm 147 who were identified as “outcasts, brokenhearted, wounded, afflicted,” they had suffered, “But God” He turned their heartache into hearts of praise and gave them reasons to. For the “outcast” He returned them to their homeland. For the “Brokenhearted” He heals, for the Wounded He binds up their wounds. For the afflicted He supports! and the response was to “Praise the LORD,…” and again another call to praise as they view His creation and Greatness as Creator and in particular Maker of the clouds!

A cloud is made of water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky. There are many kinds of clouds. Clouds are an important part of Earth’s weather.

“How Do Clouds Form?
The sky can be full of water. But most of the time you can’t see the water. The drops of water are too small to see. They have turned into a gas called water vapor. As the water vapor goes higher in the sky, the air gets cooler. The cooler air causes the water droplets to start to stick to things like bits of dust, ice or sea salt.

What Causes Rain? Most of the water in clouds is in very small droplets. The droplets are so light they float in the air. Sometimes those droplets join with other droplets. Then they turn into larger drops. When that happens, gravity causes them to fall to Earth. We call the falling water drops “rain.” When the air is colder, the water may form snowflakes instead. Freezing rain, sleet or even hail can fall from clouds.”-{NASA}. How amazing!

I have read that some clouds can travel hundreds of miles in one day, moved along by the wind which comes forth from HIS storehouse! He causes the clouds to rise over the whole earth. He sends the lightning with the rain and releases the wind from his storehouses.”-{Psalm 135:7}.

 He causes the clouds to move, knowing no borders, limitations, they can travel over cities, towns, villages, waste land, deserts, or rivers, streams, lakes , farm land, and at His command can open and pour or sprinkle forth rain to the earth below to accomplish His purpose whether it be the giving of water for the land to flourish in vegetation and means to help crops grow and mature, to satisfy the thirst of the animals who need water to sustain them, to humans who cannot live without water. To look up and see the clouds is to look up and see behind those clouds, of all shapes and sizes, Him, who provides for His earth and its inhabitants out of His great mercy, is the One who can meet my problems, your problems, enabling us to go on when at times we do not feel we can. But we can,  for He who makes the clouds and dispenses them at His will for the benefit of others to His glory causes all things including the painful thing you may be going through to work out for good! For this is His promise to those who “love Him ” and are “the called,” according to His purpose, ultimately to conform us into the image of His Beloved Son! -{Read Romans 8:28-29}.

Look up, see the clouds, where are they traveling to today? Who will benefit from them? He knows and He moves them effortlessly yet specifically, and in His time “opens the heavens” as it were, and pours out what is needed to meet the needs of the inhabitants…The God who makes the clouds, controls the clouds, is your Maker and controls all circumstances and He will meet you. Next time you look up, contemplate Him- MAKER Of the CLOUDS  and PROVIDER of what is needed through His CLOUDS and “PRAISE the LORD, SING PRAISES to our God!”


You got problems? Look Up… see the clouds? Contemplate who has placed them there, and to remind you He is in charge and He is the answer, and as He meets us daily through the clouds as needed so He will meet you. The Maker of the clouds, is the Provider of the answer to our needs! 

Pray and ask Him as you look up and as you see the clouds,  that they would be a four fold reminder, to us…

He is in Control

He is  Good

Trust Him!

Praise Him!

Contemplate and Celebrate the “LORD, GOD…Who covers the heavens with clouds, Who provides rain for the earth,”

“Let everything that has Breath PRAISE THE LORD.”-{Psalm 150:6}. Join in the chorus and Praise Him!