When your feeling down, lift up your voice in Praise!

      1.-The OBJECT of Praise; “HE is your Praise and HE is your God…The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will PRAISE HIM; My father’s God, and I will extol HIM.”- { Deut 10:21; Ex15:2}.

     2.- The SCOPE of Praise; “Let EVERYTHING that HAS BREATH Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!”- {Ps150:6}

     3.- The GOAL of Praise; “Whoever offers Praise GLORIFIES ME.”-{Ps 50:23}.

He is to be the OBJECT of Praise. The SCOPE is a great call to evangelism, as His creation should all join in praising Him. He is worthy of praise and people don’t value Him or give Him praise because they are incapable, spiritually dead! So we evangelize them with the great news that they may be born again and arise in their hearts and PRAISE THE LORD!

Everyone who has breath is to use their breath with purpose and the SCOPE of praise is for all who are breathing. The GOAL of praise is, HIS Glory! So you can see why there is opposition to your praising HIM. The evil one opposes it bombarding you with thoughts of despair, fear, anxiety, or seeking to seduce you with valuing the praises of men as the ultimate goal of living rather than praising Him. The flesh is weak and often wants to turn inward and spiral downward as a result, and praise is forfeited because we reason, we don’t “feel” like it. We cant “see” anything in it for…us!!!! Our Praise is adulterous at times as it can often be a result of how we view circumstances and if He is performing to the standard we hold Him to, which can be He exists for us, to make us happy, successful and trouble free, I believe we call it a “blessing.” We were created by Him for Him and praise of Him, to speak well of Him is entirely independent of our feelings, circumstance but wholly dependent on His character! Praise is a choice. It often comes down to our “value system,” whether we truly value Him or Not! And too often it rests on how we “feel,” and how we believe He is treating us in our circumstances. We can learn from Habakkuk, who in the midst of future trouble set himself and  said, “I WILL PRAISE Him…” He determined, independent of outward difficulties he would PRAISE the LORD! It is a battle for our mind as it is a battle for our affections, and faith. “Feelings” say, “let me see first and then I will decide whether to praise Him or not.” This reveals  that we are not convinced by Him being worthy, and shows that we simply see ourselves as the determining factor on the worth of God! We are in essence playing “god.” Job 22:21 says, “ACQAUINT yourself with the ALMIGHTY…”. We need to get to know Him! Consider Him… He is to be the OBJECT of our praise. The SOURCE is everyone who has breath and is a great MOTIVATION for Evangelism and also a reminder to encourage the brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise Him as the GOAL is, it GLORIFIES HIM!

  • Think on Him
  • Think on the Object, Scope, End of Praise
  • SHARE with someone today HIM and reasons to Praise Him. He is the OBJECT of our Praise. The SCOPE is a call to  all who are alive, a call that includes Evangelism, as the GOAL of Praising Him is HIS GLORY!


A PSALM OF PRAISE; PSALM 150:1-6 “PRAISE THE LORD. PRAISE GOD in His sanctuary; PRAISE HIM in His mighty heavens.

2 PRAISE HIM for his acts of power; PRAISE HIM for His surpassing greatness.

3 PRAISE HIM with the sounding of the trumpet, PRAISE HIM with the harp and lyre,

4 PRAISE HIM with timbrel and dancing, PRAISE HIM with the strings and pipe,

5 PRAISE HIM with the clash of cymbals, PRAISE HIM with resounding cymbals.

6 Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD.


Time to lift my head, change my focus and PRAISE, “SPEAK WELL OF” The LORD!