“Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.”– Psalm 62:8

 Ok- “when it rains It pours…”. in the past few months, one of my son’s car was stolen, another had his smashed and has to be scrapped and yesterday the transmission in my wife’s vehicle broke…what do I do from a chronically debilitating disease that leave me on a sick bed for months, years at a time? How can I help? How can I get her’s fixed? Oh just one more thing. Aah, I see the answer in this verse- trust Him. Pour out my heart to Him. Thank Him I can turn to Him with this new trial, and rest in Him. John 6:6 says “He tested them for He Himself knew what He was going to do.” Our trials are opportunities to see Him in them!

 The psalmist shows us several things from Psalm 62:8…

 1. He Shares with others what he has found himself, that God is trustworthy at “all times.” You do likewise. Encourage others to trust Him, His character, His power, His promises. He tells his story of what he knew of the LORD. What he had seen of His character displayed personally to him. He had a personal story to tell. His testimony was ongoing. It was out of hardship he recounts his story and he shares with others. Often out of your own struggles, your story of His comfort and meeting you can be used of Him to strengthen others -{Read 2 Cor 1:3-4}

 2. Your heart is safe with God. You can pour out your heart, your feelings, wishes, wants, hurts, anxieties, perplexity’s, to Him. Tell Him all that is on your heart. Anytime, anyplace, all the time relate to Him. He wants you to. You will trust the one who loves you and there is none who loves you like Him. You have the freedom to share all of your heart with Him.

**You are never an inconvenience to Him. ** There is safety for your heart, your soul in Him. He is your refuge. Your comfort, where your heart and mind can find rest in…He is your security.

 3. Trust Him at All times, whatever comes up, the unexpected news, turn to Him and trust Him. The long-term trial, keep trusting Him. There is no time He is not to be trusted.

“Trust in Him at ALL times.”

Trust Him for hope when your heart feels down. – {Romans 15:13}.

Trust Him for Grace when it all seems too much – {2 Cor 12:9}.

Trust Him for strength for the journey you are in. – {Eph 3;13,16,21}

Trust Him for the reminder you have power for life and Godliness – {2 Pet 1:3}.

Trust him to remind you to exercise faith in His Promises – {2 Pet 1:4}.

Trust Him for grace to trust Him and pour out all of your heart before Him. – {Prov 3:5-6}

There is nothing too big, small, irrelevant. He wants you to turn ALL things over to Him. {Read 1 Peter 5:7; Psalm 55:22}. He loves to hear from you. What is the alternative? Carry the cares ourselves and end up with anxieties, fears, a heart that is troubled!

The Psalmist encourages others, and us…“Trust Him…at all times…Pour out our heart to Him… He is our Refuge….” A “Refuge” was a place of security, safety.

The psalmist shares his “refuge,” was not found in a place but in a Person- GOD!

4. No one to share with? Feel alone, abandoned? Don’t know what to do? Pour out your heart to Him, for God is YOUR Refuge! As the city of Refuge was a safety for the fleeing man, God is THE Refuge for all who flee to Him. He is the ultimate eternal security! He is always lovingly, tenderly available to you. He longs to hear from you. You are never on your own.-{Read Hebrews 15:5-6}

 5. He is God whom you speak to “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” “…Ah Sovereign Lord You created the Heavens and the earth…” -{Read Jer 32:17}. He does not lack power or heart for us. He who did not withhold His SON, will not withhold what is best for us.

 6. Rest in Him– your heart is safe with God!

  If we never had trials the tendency would never be to trust Him. So trials afford us opportunities to turn to Him- Thank God for the trials. Not easy, some are very painful. But He is more than able for them and for us in them!

  “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.”- Psalm 62:8-


A good verse to memorize, meditate upon and share the truth of the verse with others to encourage them to trust in God at all times. Pour out their heart to Him for He is their “refuge!” Today this is my verse to meditate upon and seek to apply. How wonderful we have such a caring, compassionate loving God who is always available to us.

 Write it out on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you and when you have time read, re-read, meditate word for word, phrase for phrase. Hide this verse in your heart.


Feel free to share the above with someone else to encourage them of so great a God we have!