Paul answers this in Philippians 1:20-21…

1.- To EXALT Christ- which involves Christ being EXALTED, Magnified in his body whether by life or death.- “I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be EXALTED in MY body whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. “- {Read Phil 1:20-21}.

2.- To EDIFY God’s People – LABORING for OTHER’S Spiritual benefit.,Spending your life in that which produces spiritual fruit namely to the end Laboring, working hard and SPECIFICALLY and DELIBERATELY that the Believers as Paul said, Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you FOR -{he is about to give the explanation} your Progress and Joy in The Faith” – {Red Phil 1;25-26}. The word “progress” speaks of moving forward and includes the sense of opposition, and resistance as both he and they seek to go forward in faithin Christ. Don’t be surprised as you move forward in edifying others when you encounter opposition, but…you keep on laboring in love!

Knowing opposition is not abnormal but normal as you seek to further His Kingdom, and build up His people in their faith that their joy grows in tandem! Paul did this while imprisoned by communicating to them through a letter, informing them that he was praying for them- Phil 1:3-6; 9-11. Epaphras did his part by praying for the Colossians – Col 4:12, You can be bedridden, shut in, and still have a part in the growth of God’s children!

Why are you still on this earth?

  • TWO REASONS from these verses- To EXALT, MAGNIFY, Jesus Christ and EDIFY Other Believers, Helping them MATURE in their Christian walk, as they are being changed in their THINKING {Read Phil 4:8} and the way they LIVE out their lives {Read Phil 4:9}. Depositing your life into their lives for their spiritual benefit… their “Joy in the faith!” As they Grow in their faith so grows their inner joy. They are side by side in growth! And as you do consciously choose to labor to this end, know, such labor will be spiritually fruitful!

If You Lose Sight of WHY You are Still here,

  • You will become introspective rather than CHRIST CONSCIOUS and OTHERS CONSCIOUS…
  • You will become earthbound rather than seeking first the kingdom of God, which is to be eternally focussed on daily affairs…
  • It is easy for us to fall into that trap, “But God…” through Paul gives us CLEAR REASONS OF… “WHY I AM STILL HERE?”

You have PURPOSE to live and the above are but two reasons …in chapter 3: 8,10 is the master passion of Paul “To KNOW HIM…” and out of that flows the above two desires and deeds! As long as you are living you have GODLY PURPOSE. Paul wrote this from a place of difficulty, imprisoned, but though “Shut In” he did not allow it to “shut him down,” and neither should you… that’s Good News!

Exalt Him in your body and INVEST in His people to see them mature, Growing in their Christian understanding and walk. And Note it takes “Labor,” -work at it, and know it will be “fruitful” for eternity!


WHY AM I STILL HERE? Because HE Wants me here!!

And HE Wants me to know while I am here, some of what I am to preoccupy my life with! This is part of helping them “progress in the joy of their faith”- knowing why they are still here. That’s good News…


There are days, you can “feel down,” seems life is or has passed you by and is “mundane.” It’s easy to give up, but that is buying the LIE, that your life, where you are is not important to God. But you are important to Him as the Cross, resurrection and His Word testify!

So let’s try again, not based on “feelings” or circumstances but from His Perspective, “Why are YOU Still here?” What Two reasons have we seen from Philippians?

  1. – To EXALT Christ and to
  2. – To EDIFY – LABORING for the spiritual benefit of other believers..FOR their “JOY IN THE FAITH!”


EXALT Christ, and EDIFY God’s people through LABORING for the Spiritual Development of others! To Build them up with the Word of God and deeds of love.

  • PRAY and Ask God to give you not only the desire but the discipline and devotion to do so
  • THINK about these- Exalting Christ and laboring for the spiritual growth of other’s faith and Joy…
  • PRACTICE these and in doing so you will be spending your life on that which is eternally significant.

Here is a great encouraging word, “Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed.”-{Acts 13:36} As David served God’s purpose in HIS GENERATION, this is YOUR OPPORTUNITY… this is YOUR GENERATION, that God has placed you in to serve His purposes.

Be encouraged, you know part of His PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE…To EXALT Christ, in your body through your living or through how you die, and EDIFYING God’s peopleLABORING Purposely for the spiritual development of believers that as their faith grows so may their joy also…

You have DAILY PURPOSE, stop believing the lie that you don’t and start living and laboring, and may it be said of you and me as it was of David, that we served God’s purpose in our generation!

Familiarize yourself with the above verses from Philippians 1:20,25 and be READY to Give an account to others of why You LIVE as you do and how they To can Live and be encouraged of why they too can KNOW “WHY AM I STILL HERE?”

Be able to name the TWO reasons from Philippians 1:20,25 and explain to them.., They too have DAILY …DIVINE… PURPOSE, and be able to answer “WHY AM I STILL HERE?”

  • PRAY and ask Him to help you focus and practice living out two of the reasons “Why You are still here”…so you can be God focussed on eternal business and in doing so be of great benefit as you invest your life into the lives of others… FOR Jesus’ sake!
  • Pass it on-

God bless