What a wonderful thought these past days that those who persevere in trials {James 1:12} will not only “receive the crown of life” and the Lord who promises says that these ones “Love Him,” but he has a name for them. He calls them….”Blessed!”… 

Of all the names that can be thrown at them such as,  “They lack faith…” or “something is wrong with them…There must be sin in their lives… God is really trying to get their attention…The implication being if they can find out what God is “trying” to tell them then the trial will stop. It’s as though they are in a “maze”trying to figure the “way out,”…Crazy thinking!!! But at times people are not comfortable with Christians suffering or more to the point they cant figure out “why” this is happening and not liking not to “know” or be in control, they at times make conclusions like Job’s friends and have no idea!! They did not know about the conversation between God and satan in chapter one. If they did they would have had a different conclusion, but instead they came up with their ‘own’ reasoning, THAT satisfied themselves. THEIR conclusion was wrong and Cruel. Also,in coming up with conclusions or putting “names” on people other than God puts is dishonoring God’s Name, taking His Name in “vain,” is to misrepresent Him and in doing so, using His Name in a dishonoring, untruthful way!

 All the “names” that can be thrown at the ones in trials… “but God…” sees they persevere, no, not perfect but persevering… they “Love Him,” He proclaims and then this beautiful word conveyed upon them that from His perspective they are “Blessed!” What a comforting, uplifting word to the one in the midst of troubles who does not curse God, turn away from God but continues on persevering…. this one we can look on and see and proclaim from God’s perspective are “Blessed!” I was able to share this with a husband of a sick wife recently to say and I included her name “______ the Blessed”- she “loves Him” and He calls her “Blessed!’ and such she is and such you are! ” ______{Put your name or that of someone you know here}…..the BLESSED!” Let no one say of you other than what God calls you, for only His words will last for eternity for they are truth and life.

These past days from a sick bed by phone,  I have been able to share with three different men this thought. They have suffered much over the years and yet they…persevere! To these God has a name bestowed upon them which no matter what name others may give, accuse or gossip about them God arises through the confusion and false names to place upon them His name for them, “Blessed!” Highly favored of God! These ones whom severely tested have been  approved, passed the test. Thank God there is ultimately an end to trials! Trials are not the end but a process towards the end! The First four letters of Testimony is “T-E-S-T” and so with a testimony it begins with a test and God’s grace to persevere….as He matures us {James 1:2-5}. The ultimate end is seeing and being with Him and to think you will receive from Him “The crown of life!”

Your persevering despite the difficulties, obstacles as you look to continue on following Him, whom you have not seen though you believe Him and Love Him…. you are whom God says you are and Only whom He declares you to be and all that He says you are… you are HE says. the “BLESSED” one! Keep going…for Jesus sake!!!

Seek to encourage some suffering soul this day with these tender, beautiful words by placing their name before the word “Blessed”and calling them what He calls them. Their is healing, a soothing balm in His Word for the weary soul!

We must be careful NOT to label others who are persevering in trials with a name He does not call them!

What does God call someone who is persevering in trials? “Blessed!”

“Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.” -{James 1:12}