“Who Do You Think You Are?” is a popular TV show, which traces back through a person’s family history and see who your relatives were, what they did or not do. For some they find some relations to monarchy, famous people, brave people, people of integrity, others who suffered greatly, others who were shady characters, murderers, con men, etc. But if we were to follow everyone’s family history all the way back to the beginning of time, we would all descend from Adam and Eve… Sinners, rebels against God, is who each of us truly are in the spiritual realm! While people look on the outside, God looks at the heart! But what a good question for your and my life,”Who Do You Think You Are?” How would you answer that?

God wants you to know what He says about you which is irrevocable, Eternally, true. You need not wonder,”who do you think you are, but know based on His Word, exactly “Who I am!” It is to be received, believed and embraced, and fuel for praise and spiritual stability. You can personalize it to say, “I am” because of God’s doing “In Christ.” It is not based on my “feelings,” my “performance” the “opinions” of others, but wholly, totally on the finished work of the Lord Jesus and His sacrifice accepted by the Father for me. I am now a “new creation in Christ…” and with a New standing before God, “standing in GRACE”- Divine Acceptance -{Read Rom 5:12}. And His Word which is true teaches…

I am Accepted in the Beloved -Eph 1:6;
I am “the Beloved of God” – Rom 1:7;
I am Cleansed – 1 John 1:7-9;
I am Delivered from the wrath of God – Rom 5:9
I am Eternally secure-John 10: 29;
I am Forgiven eternally -Col 1:14
I am Loved Continually -Rev 1:5-6
I an Known Intimately -Psalm 139:2
I am Redeemed – 1 Peter 1:18-19
I am Secure -1 Peter 1:5

satanic temptation;
It is a tactic of the evil one to tempt God’s children to yield to condemnation, taunt them, shoot doubts about God and to seek to sever you in your thinking RIGHT FROM THE Scriptures, seeking  to divorce you from the Eternal truth from who you are “In Christ.”


You are not insignificant. You are not stupid. You are not defined by your sin, failure, supposed success’s, job, finances or lack of, neither are you defined by where you live, what you drive or don’t! You are not defined by your athletic, academics, schooling, nationality, race. From God’s perspective you are either “dead in your sins” -{Read Eph 2;1} OR “In Christ.” Either. Or. “In Christ” by His doing …

Read Ephesians 1:3-15 Note the phrases”In Christ, In Him, In Whom.” See what He says about all believers including YOU!!

Is All because of the perfect work and love of The Lord Jesus Christ for you. Your significance and identify is based on Him and who GOD says you are “In Christ.” Never allow yourself to look outside what He declares about you . It cost the Father His Son’s life so you can have a new identify and know your true Significance is found not in “self-esteem,”but in JESUS CHRIST and His “Esteeming” you based on what He has done and says about you! Say what He says about you. Think what he says about you…Share what He says about you, because it is TRUE!

You Don’t have to wonder “Who Do you Think You Are?”

You Know Who You Are!- 

You Can Say,”I KNOW WHO I AM …In Christ!” – Good News!! 🙂

The response is to…” Praise the Father…” {Ephesians 1;3}.