Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God;believe also in Me” – {John 14:1}

Jesus tells the disciple to no longer allow their hearts to be troubled, ‘the word means,” agitated, perplexed to put into a state of confusion.,” Instead they were to trust Him, His Person, Promises, Provision.{Read John 14:1-6}. He had told them He would be betrayed, crucified and would rise again, but they had forgot to remember His Word. We often do that, don’t we? We forget to remember what He has said and allow our hearts to be agitated, perplexed and led into a state of Confusion! 

“TRUST ME” is not based on sight, circumstances, feelings, but IN the ONE who said to “CONTINUALLY TRUST ME!” No longer let your hearts be distressed, perplexed,confused, troubled any longer, TRUST JESUS- He is trustworthy!

Whatever my lot or yours today we can say, “For this I have Jesus and I choose to TRUST, RELY on Him- for He is Trustworthy!”

For this I have the Resurrected Christ. Unless I trust Him I will be troubled in my mind, heart, emotions. But I choose to rely in Him. His character, His promises. I choose to think on Him. He has purpose in my troubles.

I have Jesus for ALL of  my troubles!

In my troubles His Word is the same to me as it was to the disciples all those years ago, “CONTINUALLY TRUST ME.” TRUST THE ONE WHO CONQUERED DEATH AND IS RESURRECTED LORD! Trust, rely on Him for SUPPORT, COMFORT, LOVE. HE IS FAITHFUL. HE IS VICTORIOUS. HE IS WITH YOU. HE IS FOR YOU!

When we CHOOSE to not trust Him, our hearts become like the rough seas and billows that rise up and slam down, unstable and disturbing and distressing, no stability. Our hearts are as such, tossed to and fro, anxious, perplexed, confused. When they are so it is because we are NOT TRUSTING JESUS. Not trusting His Person. Not trusting His Promises. Not trusting He is present and is working all things including this thing out for good, His eternal glory. I have a  dear friend who once told me,”It may not feel good,or look good but He promises it will work out for good!”  The answer is to choose to look to Jesus,looking away from all else that would seek to distract, discourage deviate your from His character. Look away to His Person, Work, Preeminence- {Read Hebrews 12:2}. Lean in on Him. Trust, rely on Him continually, PERSEVERE IN TRUSTING HIM.

GOT TROUBLES? YES! Where is Jesus? He is PRESENT WITH YOU IN YOUR TROUBLES! His PROMISES are true and POWERFUL and for you! He calls you to look ahead to a future hope of being with Him for all eternity.{Read Titus 2:13}. Set your sights on eternity!


Think on His Person. Trust in His Promises. Thank Him He is present with you! The evidence we are relying on Him is… REST!

Don’t Forget To REMEMBER What He Has Said. 

Don’t Forget To REMEMBER  HIM.

Trust Him.

He is trustworthy. He keeps His Word!